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We’ve put together this section for any newcomers to motorhoming, those about to embark on their first motorhome trip abroad and for the old hands who want a laugh at the mistakes we’ve made along the way.

Buying a motorhome
Just bought a motorhome? Survival guide for your first outing
The usual motorhome facilities explained
Test run/shakedown
How much will a long trip cost?
Dave our Hymer
Making your van your own
Staying Legal in Europe
Tips on how to pack your motorhome
Essential Items to Take on any trip – Packing Checklist

Power and Gas
Solar Panels
Solar panels arrive
Solar output
LPG Gas tank
Installing Gas-It LPG tanks

Keeping in touch with home
Our internet access solution for 2012/2013
European Roaming Internet, WiFi, SIMs, Costs and Tips
Setting up and keeping a website/blog
Staying in touch

Finding somewhere to sleep
Finding Aires
Using Aires

Water & Bathroom
All things toilet
Thetford Motorhome Toilet Repair Instructions
SOG Units
Grey, Black and Fresh water

Looking after your money while travelling
Making money while travelling
Amazon Affiliation
Budget review – 9 months on the road
Our 600th day on the road – how on Earth did we afford that?

Canine Companions
Travelling with a dog

Lessons we’ve learned
Classic mistakes to avoid
Top ten things – 100 days in what we should and shouldn’t have brought with us
What’s broken on our motorhome, and how we’ve fixed it

Top ten things – 200 days in update


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    • Thanks Zoe, not long now! If you’ve any questions we might be able to help with, fire them over. Otherwise, have a great time and let us know of you’ll be heading for Eastern Europe so we can catch up over a beer! Jay

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