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We’ve put together this section for any newcomers to motorhoming, those about to embark on their first motorhome trip abroad and for the old hands who want a laugh at the mistakes we’ve made along the way.

Buying a motorhome
Just bought a motorhome? Survival guide for your first outing
The usual motorhome facilities explained
Test run/shakedown
How much will a long trip cost?
Dave our Hymer
Making your van your own
Staying Legal in Europe
Tips on how to pack your motorhome
Essential Items to Take on any trip – Packing Checklist

Power and Gas
Solar Panels
Solar panels arrive
Solar output
LPG Gas tank
Installing Gas-It LPG tanks

Keeping in touch with home
Our internet access solution for 2012/2013
European Roaming Internet, WiFi, SIMs, Costs and Tips
Setting up and keeping a website/blog
Staying in touch

Finding somewhere to sleep
Finding Aires
Using Aires

Water & Bathroom
All things toilet
Thetford Motorhome Toilet Repair Instructions
SOG Units
Grey, Black and Fresh water

Looking after your money while travelling
Making money while travelling
Amazon Affiliation
Budget review – 9 months on the road
Our 600th day on the road – how on Earth did we afford that?

Canine Companions
Travelling with a dog

Lessons we’ve learned
Classic mistakes to avoid
Top ten things – 100 days in what we should and shouldn’t have brought with us
What’s broken on our motorhome, and how we’ve fixed it

Top ten things – 200 days in update


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    • Thanks Zoe, not long now! If you’ve any questions we might be able to help with, fire them over. Otherwise, have a great time and let us know of you’ll be heading for Eastern Europe so we can catch up over a beer! Jay

  1. Hi Your both an inspiration to all of us here at home and with are everday routine. Both myself and Karen will be looking at how your adventurers pan out. All the best for 2018

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