Paint, breakdown cover and aires


The painting continues. I’m not watching it dry though, getting some research in instead.

Breakdown Cover

We’ve tried getting the UK-based breakdown companies to offer us cover for the van while we move around Europe. No chance: none of them will cover an 18 year old motorhome, which will be outside the UK for around a year. However, it seems our German friends will: ADAC offer an ‘ADAC Partner Plus’ scheme which covers you, not the vehicle, for a year anywhere in Europe, for less than €100. Seems to get good reviews too (more here). As a UK resident, you can buy the service, just not online. Views seem to differ on whether you need to fax a form over to them, or pay on the phone. I’m trying the fax route first.


Thanks to Ryan at Do Your Dream, I’ve coughed up the princely sum of €8 for an offline copy of the entire Camping Car Info database. OK, the online and offline versions of the website both need some serious design work (see screenshots below), but they’re an excellent database of aires throughout Europe (6153 of them in France and 8522 ‘abroad’ from Albania to the Ukraine). Most aires have photos and reviews attached, so you can get a real feel for how good or otherwise they are. It’s all en francais, but we can get the gist of it, and it’s good learning material!


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