No more wet towels stinking up the place

It was shower day today in Zagan – I know we’re naughty as we don’t shower every day! But, it reminded me to let you know about the new towels we bought ahead of this trip and how well they are doing.

We used to have normal household towels in the van, and they took ages to dry and got musty smelling if left hanging around damp. We had one microfibre towel, but I didn’t like the feel of it for drying my body, it never felt fully dry so I used this to wrap up my wet hair after a shower, because it dried much faster than the normal towels.

When we were back over Christmas I was looking for a new ski jacket and spotted micro-towelling towels in Mountain Warehouse. They have the same quick dry properties of the microfibre towels, but feel like a proper towel – just lighter, which is always a bonus in the van.

71Hnz79L9YL._SL1500_We bought one each and after six weeks of use, and one laundry wash, we think they are great. They dry quickly, so don’t smell fusty – in fact I only put them in the laundry because we had space. The only downside is that you cannot tumble dry them, but we only tumble dry when we have to – ie winter or cold places. I whipped them out of the washing pile as I loaded it into the tumble dryer, hung them up in the bathroom (I’ve sewed extra loops on them for easy hanging) when we got back to the van and they were dry in a few hours – not bad from being soaking wet.

When writing this I couldn’t find them on a Mountain Warehouse website, but found them on Amazon (and for a lot cheaper than what we paid for them). So grab a couple ahead of your next trip and banish fusty towels from vans!

Cheers, Ju

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15 Comments on No more wet towels stinking up the place

  1. Thanks for the tip – will investigate for our next m/home adventure!

  2. I’m sold, have ordered 2 (through your link) One machine wash in 6 months use, sounds like you just knocked a couple of billion tonnes of CO2 off the worlds future forecast. We ALL need one!
    Kindest, Wayne

  3. I find that cotton sarongs make the perfect travel towels as they are cheap and also dry very quickly. They also double as a skirt, shawl, scarf, blanket, tablecloth, curtain and laundry bag!

  4. Paul Redman // March 14, 2016 at 6:53 pm // Reply

    We already use them and think they are brilliant! Agree with everything you say about them. Paul

  5. Yup just ordered 2 as well and I hope that the link worked.
    The controller is Thai and I’ve got some sarongs as well, don’t tell anyone !!!

  6. Lorraine and Larry // March 16, 2016 at 11:26 am // Reply

    Thanks for the info. Just ordered some. Also like the sarong idea. Love reading your daily report!!

  7. Thank you, just ordered 2.

  8. I have tried both and much prefer the pure Microfibre towels!

    • Each to their own Mike :) some how I just don’t feel like I am dry when using the microfibre ones – maybe they take some getting used to. Ju

  9. Update: we bought some in a Decathalon store in Spain 2 weeks ago, the ‘Fluffy’ version, but the same thing. Finding them just as you decribed, but can not believe how heavy they are when wet. Very pleased with them, thanks for the tip.

  10. Claire jackson // April 10, 2016 at 10:17 pm // Reply

    Ju, we have the largest version and agree they are great. But I have tumble dried mine loads of times and they are still fine so you could risk it but they dry so quickly there isn’t really any need.

  11. On your recommend I bought a large one, which I have tested at home and it’s very good. I am planning a couple of trips this year but the first one is a long weekend in France on my bicycle, so space definately limited. Thanks for the recommend.

  12. Kelly Taylor // June 5, 2016 at 8:33 pm // Reply

    Bought one of these to use on the pooch when we are motorhoming, now wish I had tried it on myself first!

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