Villatastic! Luz, Portugal

Oh my God!

I’m not going to tell you exactly where we are because you’ll all be booking flights. We’ve parked up Dave for a while and are stopping in a villa near Luz. A massive thank you to Eric and Anne for letting us into their home away from home, it’s beautiful.


I lost J for an hour or so at one point today. I was sitting by the pool in the sunshine reading my fifth James Bond book (rumoured to be the best – supposedly in the original version Ian Fleming killed off Bond as sales of the series were poor) and I couldn’t see or hear him. That’s not happened for a very long time. I probably should have guessed that he was in one of the bathrooms having a much anticipated soak.

Charlie’s a bit freaked out by all the space, but we’ve put his bed next to the wood fire (oh yes – with a huge wood store) and he’s now sleeping off the shock of not being within 2 feet of us at all times.


We left Boca do Rio around 10.30 this morning and J took some good pics of the local birds for you.



After a couple of wrong turns we found the villa. Then we spent about half an hour getting stuff out of Dave in shopping bags, classy I know, but we don’t have luggage in Dave. Once we’d unpacked and relaxed for a while we walked into Luz for a look around and a bite to eat. We’re on the Algarve, so it could only be fish and chips and a pint, all from a Brit pub with a terrace overlooking the sea.


We fed the local birds as we ate then went for a walk along the beach.


The rocks behind it are an amazing rainbow of colours, and apparently the one at the end is called black rock – no idea why though!



A trip to the Luz equivalent of waitrose (not realising that spar was just around the corner – doh) stocked us up with a few essentials such as bread, potatoes and a few cans of Speckled Hen for J (edit by J: GET IN!). But I decided not to do a big shop there as we’d have to carry it back and a litre box of wine was €1.75! I never pay more than €0.70 usually – only the best wine for me!

So our blog may change a bit over the next few days. We hope to get the bikes out and explore around here a bit, and if we can smuggle Charlie onto a bus maybe have a day trip to Lagos. But as we have wifi here, we’ll try and get some videos and decent pics on it to entertain until normal service resumes.

Ju x

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  1. So chuffed you have the chance to stay in Casa Bella! It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Enjoy every minute of it! we are over in London next week for Bruce’s big 40th!!! whoop whoop!! X

    • It’s awesome, a fantastic place. I can just imagine all of you guys in here living it up. We’re especially loving the log fire. I’ve just put a HUGE log on! Enjoy London and Pls pass on our thanks to Eric and Anne, we’re overwhelmed with their generosity. Love, Jay

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