Thunderstorm in Venice

No it’s not the latest James Bond movie! We’re sitting in Dave supping wine in the middle of one helluva massive thunderstorm. We daren’t go outside, the thunder is making Dave move a bit!  To show you what it’s like we’ve filmed a little bit of it out of Dave’s windscreen. You can’t see all of the strikes, but there are some pretty good ones on there.

Charlie has headed under the table for safety, and if carries on like this I doubt they’ll be sleep for any of us tonight!


    • We do and you’re right, it was an absolute cracker. Went on for half an hour with enough lightening to get a Delorian back to the Jurassic age. Happily the power stayed on and my beer had stayed cold as it’s flippin roasting again today. We’re going native and hiding from the sun until later on. Poor Charlie thinks he’s being cooked up for tea, not helped by me telling him the Slovenians eat dogs…

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