They think it’s all over……it isn’t just yet!

Jay signed off from writing the blog last week and I can totally understand why. We’ve slotted back into ‘normal’ lives and well there really isn’t that much to say. However, fear not, the blog will continue to be here with all it’s hint and tips for motorhoming and I’ll continue to write the odd update when there is something to say.

We’re also working on things away from the regular updates. Jay has just finished adding maps to each location we stayed at so you can get a preview before you head there. Our next job is to get our ‘Points Of Interest’ database finished – so you’ll be able to download it to your PC or satnav and navigate to our GPS co-ordinates (we’ll also be adding info such as services and costs for each location which is why it’ll take a while). I’m still sorting through our photos – we took thousands (6500 in Greece alone!). Once they are in a decent state I plan to get some photo books printed for us as a reminder of our adventure as it is all but a distant memory now.

We’ve got loads of other ideas for articles to go on the blog, and also Jay will be starting work on our next book. Of course we’re back at work now, so everything will take a little longer, but it’ll keep us busy on these long dark nights.

This week coming I have my works Christmas party, so it’s time to see if my only dress still fits! But more excitingly I get paid – for the first time since October 2011! I’ve promised myself some new undies with my first wage as the ones I’m wearing are unsuitably worn!


Ju x


  1. Here’s one person who’s glad of the updates, and looking forward to more. Any info you can provide on sites and costs as well as the hints and tips will be a goldmine for others (like me) hoping to do a bit of motorhome touring themselves.

    Thanks for everything you’ve posted so far. I haven’t read it all but I’ve made a start.

    I wonder how long it will be before you both get itchy feet …

  2. Thanks for the update. I wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A bit early but didn’t want to forget. Take care.

  3. Heres another follower from the start of your trip.I would like to say Ireally looked forward to reading youstory each morning at my breakfast and ioved to see the fab pics of Charley tell Him Isaid hello and miss Him.Iwould love to have data on your travels as Ihope to take a long trip soon in My Hymer tramp very approprate name Ithink Both of You will not be able to deny the urge to travel for very long . regards tom

  4. Glad to here that the site will still be on the web as we are still reading your Greek blogs to get ideas for our next trip. I am sure you will continue traveling in the future, once its in your blood it cant be removed. Have a great Christmas and expect each year to be better than the last.
    Ewout and Jenny

  5. Hi there (undies !! too much info )Your blog has made great reading and some very useful info to help us on our way. Enjoy christmas and the new year. We are in Sicily, so sicilian crimbo for us. Take care xxRob and Sue

  6. Like everyone else on here, enjoyed your posts, marvelled at “Dave” making the trip with very few problems and hope I can do the same in my retirement some day. (No committments at home then…lol) Merry Christmas and New year to you both. Tony.
    PS, give Charlie a gravy bone from me.

  7. Hi, typical of me (Sandy) I found your blogs just when you has ended your marvellous journey! We are just retired and have always caravan end with our family, now the kids have flown the nest we travel with our two little dogs, Jasper & Honey, they are always up for an adventure and we have just had their pet passports done, so early next year we are starting our journey down through France into Spain staying near Marbella. This is a first for us so we were lad to hear of Charlie’s trip, we think our two will just sleep most of the journey as they are both no spring chickens!! I am excited but a little dubious about the trip but after reading all your blogs I am sure we will have fun and probably will not want to come home, we are only going for a short trip in comparison to you but knowing Terry I am sure if we like the life we will soon be off again. Do enjoy your Christmas at home and we are sure you will get the travel bug again there is still a lot of world to see – ENJOY x

  8. Glad you’re not going, have so enjoyed your blog. Off to Alaska for 4 months end of Dec so working on creating a blog of my own. I’m using yours as a good example. Good luck the 2 of you!! X

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