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After getting the van weighed, we celebrated by moving the remaining contents our house into storage and cleaning the house. Ju had some intermittent fun shouting at various Virgin Media representatives about why they hadn’t collected their V+ box. We finished off with yet another tip run. Thanks for all the help Dad!

Paul and Kelly popped round with their new family addition – a perfect little girl called Evie. As we were in the process of emptying the house we couldn’t be very hospitable (to the point of not being able to allow them in). Thanks for coming around though, much appreciated.

We’re almost there. The van’s full to the ‘rafters’, the house is **almost** empty but for some drying clothes and the MOT is booked for the morning. Off to see my sister and brother-in-law later on, then having take away at my parents and sleeping there for the night. Probably our last night in a ‘real bed’ for a year or so.

The title of this page refers to the fact as soon as it’s uploaded I’m going to unplug the router, put it in the loft and lock it up. That’s the end of ‘always on’ broadband Internet access. I won’t miss the TV, or the ‘real bed’, and maybe not even being able to have an endless hot shower or bath, but I will miss being able to surf whenever I want. I’ve got the Vodaphone SIM Data Traveller sorted out, so we should be back online as soon as we get into France. By for now!


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  1. Hi,Guys
    Well, you have been busy!Dave has never looked so good! We,too, have had a hectic time, trying to downsize.Hard to believe how much stuff we had, but didn’t use, so a few trips to the charity shops were called for. We finally moved on Thursday and are renting in Lincoln until we decide where we want to live.
    Cairo (the real Dave) is holidaying (by coincidence) at the same rescue centre we got him from! Unfortunately, our landlord will no allow him here-grr! and next week he is going to a nice foster home until we buy our own place.
    You must be so excited and we wish you a safe and wonderful trip. I am sure your Dave will not let you down.Take care,drive carefully and enoy the experience!
    Bon Voyage.
    Pamela& Allan x
    p.s. Thank you for returning the disc.

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