Spending Overview – Switzerland

We keep a track of all of our spending as we’re going along and here we’ve broken it down by country, so you can see what we’ve spent to give you an idea of how cheap/expensive a place can be.


Travel Cost
Ferry 0.00 €
Tolls 0.00 €
Fuel 62.56 €
Daytime parking 0.00 €
Train/bus/tram 0.00 €
Camping Nights
Wild Camping 0 0.00 €
Free Aires 0 0.00 €
Paid for Aires (inc toilet emptying cost) 0 0.00 €
ACSI Site 0 0.00 €
Camping Cheque Site 0 0.00 €
Campsites 2 35.97 €
Other 0 0.00 €
Food (ie Supermarket) 1.47 €
Food (ie eating and drinking out) 0.00 €
LPG 0.00 €
Repairs to Dave 0.00 €
Laundry 1.96 €
Contact with home (paid wifi, phones, post) 0.00 €
Tours/Entrance fees 0.00 €
Supplies (ad-hoc items for Dave – non motoring) 8.18 €
Souvenirs 0.00 €
Total cost 110.14 €
Days away 2
Cost per day 55.07 €
Cost per day (minus repairs) 55.07 €
Total Mileage (@ approx 29mpg) 37
Average miles per day 18.5
We stopped for a couple of nights in Switzerland while touring across Northern Italy. Our route around one of the Italian Lakes took us into Switzerland and while we were there we stopped at a campsite for a couple of days to do laundry.
We bought fuel while in Switzerland as it was slightly cheaper than in Italy – although we had a shock when we initially crossed the border and looked at the fuel prices, however once we’d realised they were in Swiss Francs and not Euros we decided to fill up!).
Our main purchase was an adapter so we could get hook up at the Swiss campsite, it had a strange three pin combination that we haven’t seen anywhere before. We plan to do more touring of Switzerland as we head south in 2012, after which we’ll update our spending overview.

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