Spending Overview – Slovenia

We keep a track of all of our spending as we’re going along and here we’ve broken it down by country, so you can see what we’ve spent to give you an idea of how cheap/expensive a place can be.


Travel Cost
Ferry 0.00 €
Tolls 15.00 €
Fuel 77.11 €
Daytime parking 48.50 €
Train/bus/tram 0.00 €
Camping Nights
Wild Camping 0 0.00 €
Free Aires 0 0.00 €
Paid for Aires (inc toilet emptying cost) 1 4.00 €
ACSI Site 2 36.02 €
Camping Cheque Site 0 0.00 €
Campsites 3 65.46 €
Other 0 0.00 €
Food (ie Supermarket) 130.99 €
Food (ie eating and drinking out) 94.03 €
LPG 0.00 €
Repairs to Dave 0.00 €
Laundry 0.00 €
Contact with home (paid wifi, phones, post) 2.00 €
Tours/Entrance fees 69.80 €
Supplies (ad-hoc items for Dave – non motoring) 8.00 €
Souvenirs 11.90 €
Total cost 562.81 €
Days away 6
Cost per day 93.80 €
Cost per day (minus repairs) 93.80 €
Total Mileage (@ approx 29mpg) 230
Average miles per day 38.3
There are a very limited number of aires or free parking places in Slovenia, so we had to pay something for every night we were there. That said we spent three nights on a campsite with friends who had travelled out to meet us at Lake Bled and two nights on a campsite in Ljubljana, the capital, so we didn’t look very hard for other places to stop.
Having friends with us bumped up our eating out costs as they were on their holiday, so we couldn’t expect them to eat in Dave every night! We had evening drinks by the lake and ate out a few times. Prior to their arrival we also did a big supermarket shop to stock up supplies we had run down during our time in expensive Italy.
We crept over the border into Slovenia a few days early just to fill up with fuel as it was much cheaper than neighbouring Italy or Austria.  Dave managed to reverse into a car in Ljubljana, minimal damage was done but the costs of paying the driver to get a minor repair to his grill were €45 which is shown under the daytime parking costs (as we had parked in a free space rather than a paid car park just before we reversed into him!).
A vignette is needed if you are heading towards Ljubljana as it’s pretty much surrounded by motorways. We bought one as we found the minor roads are often very narrow – single car width – and as Dave is classed as a car (being under 3.5 tonnes) it cost us €15 for 5 days.
We went on a few trips and tours with our friends, but the majority of the costs in this section was a visit to the Postojana Caves in the South West of the Country. It was over €20 each to go in, but certainly worth it – you get a train ride underground to the main part of the caves which are huge and amazing.
Overall Slovenia looks expensive based on our costs, but it’s cheaper than Italy and Austria, we just took full advantage of it’s cheapness by eating and drinking and touring places.

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