Right, that’s it, we are officially off


The bodged repair to the skylight has held and we’re in pole position for the 6pm ferry. We got pulled over for a security check and entertained the bloke when we told him we were leaving for a year. ‘Don’t blame you’ he said as he waved us through.

So. The sun is shining and we have a year stretching out in front of us. Let the adventure begin, at 6pm!


  1. Cant believe the escapades you have already had with the van and teh skylight.
    Have an amazing time, stay safe and keep us updated.

  2. Crikey O’Riley… lets hope Dave’s skylight gets fixed a.s.a.p. The adventure has well and truly started!! Be safe lots of love the Stevensons xxxxx

  3. How long have you been gone?…Jay looks like he’s not shaved for weeks haha…Have a good one and hope Charlie likes and uses his sleeping bag

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