Recovering in Remoulins

Tigger's wandering Europe, and has taken a shine to Charlie.

We’re in the same car park as yesterday. Ju’s checked with the local tourist information office and it’s officially OK to stay here. This is a good thing, as I’m incapable of driving today.

The weather is: Mr Blue Sky today, the clouds have departed and although it’s a bit windy, it’s lovely and warm.

Today’s been a recovery day, for me if not for the other guys. I got a wee bit carried away yesterday, starting with a couple of Phil’s Belgian beers under the Pont du Gard and finishing with a frenzied assault on our vin en vrac. We cracked open one of our breathalisers this morning; the crystals within confirmed what I knew to be true: I was officially drunk at 9am. I’m not proud, but we had a great laugh.

Today’s also been a day of stories. Phil’s lived an extraordinary life, and has regaled us with stories of his life as a policeman. He taught Prince William to ice skate, hidden him from Princess Diana during a combined chicken throwing and gun reloading incident, slipped a disk playing rugby in Singapore, found himself alone and trapped in his van with molotov cocktails raining down from an angry mob and rounded up a wayward wild boar. We’re trying to convince him to write a book, but he looks reticent. Ah well, we’ve had the stories for free.

Phil and Julie’s van, an ex Ambulance, is testament to their adventurous spirit, ingenuity and resourcefulness. They’ve kitted it out with a double bed, sideboard cupboard, 12V fridge and LED lights, all for next to nothing. No washroom? No worries. They use a campsite every now and again, or take an al fresco shower stood in a large bucket, as Phil demonstrated today, surprising some local French vanners as they drove past! I sneaked a photo, but promised not to put it on here.

We’ve had an enforced easy day, to enable my body to process the alcohol. The river flows close to the car park, so Charlie and I have nipped down there for a stone skimming session, and had a foursome wander around the town. We’re now tucking into dinner out in the sun, cooked up by Julie (Phil’s Julie), so I’ll be off now!

Cheers, Jay


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