OurTour is an Avis A-List Awards Nominee!

We’ve had some fab news this morning. The lovely people at Avis have short-listed our little site for one of their travel blog awards.

We put our site forward a while back and heard nothing, then this morning they emailed to say we’ve made their short list for the ‘Best Road Trip Blog’. We even got a lovely logo to put on our site – see the big red thing on the right!!

We’re really chuffed to have made it this far, but now comes the hard part as the winner is decided by public vote. Looking at the competition it’s going to be a tough category to win, but hopefully you can help us with this.

Please click here and vote for us, it only takes a minute. Also we’re not against a bit of coercing of family, friends and colleagues to vote for us too. We’d really appreciate your support and will let you know how we get on.

Many thanks

Julie, Jay & Charlie (and Dave too!)


  1. Hi There
    Great News! We will definitely vote for you. Your Blog has been so useful since purchasing an exact model of your motorhome a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for all the helpful advice. I shall also encourage other members on the motorhome fun site if that’s OK.
    Fingers Crossed
    Deborah and Colin aka Helga

      • We have a week coming up in Germany as a test drive on Sept14th. Not quite the adventure you have had but it’s a start. We will probably just camp along the Mosel River although a bit concerned that we won’t be able to stop at some of the Stelplatz because I don’t think we have a catalytic convterter. But we are diesel so maybe we don’t need one. As you can see we have a lot to learn!
        Best Wishes

        • I think we’ll just miss each other as we’re ferrying back to the UK on 13 Sept for Dave’s MOT.

          I’ve just posted our guide to Germany which might be of some help – it’s in the Information Zone section of our site, then in Country Guides. In it there is a link to the Umweltzone information website – http://www.environmental-badge.co.uk/en/environmental-badge.html This gives you all the details you need. Dave is old and blows out black smoke, we were never going to get an environmental badge for him, but we’ve seen lots of motorhomes with them who can drive around freely. The site also lists where the zones are, Jay also found a map of them all by searching on google which came in quite handy.

          We only really had a problem in Hannover as the stellplatz was closed, but many other cities – Munich etc have plenty of Stellplatz/Parking outside of their Umweltzone and brilliant transport links. Enjoy Germany and hopefully we’ll get to meet up on the road one day.


        • Hi Deborah

          Spotted your rallying cry for votes on motorhome fun – thanks, it’s really appreciated. The comments back made me chuckle – that’s why forums are so much fun, people have such a diverse range of opinions!

          Thanks again and keep us posted on your plans.


  2. Hi Jason, haven’t seen this reply to my comment! I was incredibly happy with my work and my dissertation! I met a lot of interesting people both in Hungary and in Budapest and I had a lot to work with when I analysed my results! I received 72 for my dissertation and graduated with distinction! :)
    What are you guys up to now? I saw you sold Dave. When are you planning your next adventure for? And what will it be?

    • Hi Anca. Congratulations! You put in a lot of effort I think, and deserve it. :-)

      We are working hard in the UK renovating an old house and shop which we hope to rent out to help pay for more travel. It’s hard work but we’re seeing results and it’s a great feeling too. We haven’t worked out exactly where we will go next, but I’d like to do a loop in another motorhome, driving up Norway, then down through Finland, through the Baltics and all the way into Turkey, coming back through Greece and either Albania or Italy. That would be fabulous!

      Take care, very nice to hear from you, Jay

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