Our 2012 in Review

Hi folks, as 2012 draws to a close we’ve been looking back at where we’ve been and what we’ve been up to over what has been an absolutely incredible year for us. We’ve travelled through a fair few countries, staying in places-amundo, taken a few ferries, met loads of fabulous folks, eaten some odd grub, been back to the UK and left again in floods of tears. Dave (our motorhome) has toughed it out as we’ve bounced him over the desert, up and down mountains and along Sicilian lava roads which the Romans would shudder at using. It’s been a cracking year. A few of our highlights, lowlights, thought-proving moments and just plain weird experiences below.


  • Publishing our first two books (read more)
  • Meeting wonderful folks physically, or through this website, including everyone back home
  • Sleeping on the side of volcanoes (read more – Vesuvius and Etna)
  • Feeling the elation driving down the road to the Erg Chebbi, with a sunset camel ride (read more)
  • Alone under a Swiss glacier (read more)
  • Enjoying the delights of All Inclusive in Benidorm (read more)
  • Snorkelling naked in Croatia (read more)
  • Meeting world champion Mark Cavendish, and not slapping his butt the next day (read more)
  • Living in luxury for a week at Eric and Anne’s villa in the Algarve (read more)
  • Montepulciano, a delightful Tuscan chill-out town with tasty wild boar salami (read more)
  • Swimming under the Vodoprad Kravice waterfalls in Bosnia (read more)
  • The incredible marble statues and secret room in the National Archeology Museam in Naples (read more)


  • Hanging about and paying for a new clutch in Narbonne, France (read more)
  • Door hinge hunting across the continent (read more)
  • The snake incident in Marrakech (read more)
  • Roasting and fighting in Hungary (read more)
  • Epic hangovers in (partner in crime): Morocco (Chris), France (Phil), Germany (Bruce), Switzerland and Italy (Phil 2), Sicily (Helen)
  • Missing the Olympic Year in the UK

Thoughtful Moments

  • War graves and memorials in Ypres (read more)
  • Taking a tram down sniper alley and visiting Muslim graves in Sarajevo (read more)
  • Seeing bullet splatters and empty homes all around Bosnia and north Croatia (read more)
  • Watching a qaudraplegic painter in Essaouira, Morocco (read more)
  • Glimpsing men working the fields with cattle and wooden ploughs in Morocco (read more)
  • Reading the German names on a WW2 French Resistance memorial (read more)

Weird Experiences

  • Drinking beer and grappa next to mortar shells under a photo of General Tito at the world’s  oddest campsite near Mostar (read more)
  • Drinking rauchbier, which tastes like brewed bacon (read more)
  • Seeing Catholic pilgrims by the busload at a claimed apparition site in Bosnia (read more)
  • Having school kids run in fear of Charlie at Tangier (read more)
  • Being pulled over by a drug dealer in the Rif Mountains (read more)
  • Mistaking an Italian earthquake for Charlie moving about in his sleep (read more)
  • Standing in Hitler’s place at Nuremburg (read more)
  • Seeing people sat in a Bendorm hotel watching Benidorm on the TV (read more)

Phew, what a year, what a ride. Bring on 2013, and we hope you have a fantastic and healthy one guys.

Jay and Ju (and Charlie!)

We actually didn't stop at Europe - we snuck over into Morocco too!
We actually didn’t stop at Europe – we snuck over into Morocco too!



  1. We love your blog and whilst we’re not yet full timing, would be interested to know what internet connections you use?

    Happy New Year

    Jerry & Helen Dixon
    (Rapido 9090DF)

    • Hi Helen! Happy new year! Hmmm, getting on the Internet is a tricky subject. Depends on your needs, budget, amount of hassle you’re willing to put up with and a tiny bit on how geeky you are (I’m 90% geek!). We use the Internet every day, and end up using a variety of methods. My favourite by far is to use the cellular network (a SIM card) bought in the country, popped into either a 3G dongle (one which fails back to EDGE and GPRS) or into an unlocked Android phone (which acts as both a wifi hotspot and a data manager). MiFi type devices are good too, but we don’t have one. Wifi can work well, in some countries, but we’ve often struggled to find open networks. We’ve never tried satellite Internet due to the cost of equipment. Hope this helps; I think I may write another article! Cheers, Jay

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