Map of All Motorhome European Aires

The map below shows every motorhome aire (including service points, car parks and campsites with service points) available on the (CCI) database. It’s huge (over 2MB), so please be patient with it – it will take a minute or two to load! If you hover your mouse over an aire, it will show you the CCI reference number for the aire. You can pop this number into the “Recherche par le numéro de l’aire:” field on the following page to get full details on the aire:

You can use the icon to the top right of the map to expand to full screen. This gives a great view of just how many official stopping places there are in Europe!

Please note: I’ve not created this list of aires myself. I’ve simply downloaded the CCI TomTom points of interest (POI) file from here, and converted it to a GPX file so it can be shown on a Google Map. Please refer to the CCI website for all details of aires.

Last updated: August 2015



    • Hi Nick, it really gives a great idea how many places there are to stay? We’ve found more aires not on this map too! Feel free to link to it, I’m not intending to change the URL of it, although I do want to see if I can get the pins to link directly to the database. Cheers! Jay

  1. Hi folks
    Great blog, only found it today and read the first couple of weeks this morning, inspirational and makes me wonder why I am sitting here and our van is on the drive unused since November.
    Anyway you may find my site useful which is similar to you map and lists motorhome locations and campsites using the camping car info data base plus a number of other sources.
    Can I use any of your photos?

    • Hi Ian, that’s a great idea, and we often wondered why we were hunting through seven or eight different databases and books! I just assumed it would be too difficult to get source permission to build an aggregation service, but you’ve done it, well done and thanks, assuming you don’t bump into a load of legal issues, your site could easily grow into something massive.

      Of course you can use our photos! We’d appreciate it if you can include a link back to We’ll add a page on our site linking back to your site (in the next few days – heading off into Tunis on the train today and need to take Charlie for a walk first!).

      Cheers, and good luck (I suspect our van won’t move much next winter as we’ll be too skint to buy fuel!).

      Jay and Ju

  2. Hi guys, great log have had fun reading it. We have camped through Europe in the past but are trying to buy a LHD motorhome in the UK ( easier for Australians to register etc in the UK )at the moment to use in Europe next year for about 5 months. Thanks again John

    • Hi John, thanks for the comment, and we hope you guys have a fabulous time wandering Europe. We found the motorhome method travel to be just wonderful; so much freedom and so many incredible places to stay, I’m sure you’ll have an awesome experience. Cheers, Jason

  3. Dear Jason & Julie,
    We are planning a (small) campervan trip around Europe for April-July, heading down through the Balkans, then up through Eastern Europe to northern Norway and back to UK. Came across your map of Aires which is wonderful; downloaded the file; and then tried to import it to Googlemaps at which point Googlemaps says “Error – invalid or unsupported data or file is too large to parse”. The problem may be an e-circumflex (French e with a hat on) in the word Foret in line 29 charachter 31. I am not computer savvy enough to know how to change it or how to get Google maps to open it anyway. Would you have any ideas to help. It seems such a brilliant resource that I would be sad to walk away from it.

    Have a great time in Morocco. We birded there many years ago (1988) and saw lots of lovely things … and both caught typhoid so be careful with the water!
    Safe travels and thanks for any help you can give.

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