Map of All Motorhome European Aires

The map below shows every motorhome aire (including service points, car parks and campsites with service points) available on the (CCI) database. It’s huge (over 2MB), so please be patient with it – it will take a minute or two to load! If you hover your mouse over an aire, it will show you the CCI reference number for the aire. You can pop this number into the “Recherche par le numéro de l’aire:” field on the following page to get full details on the aire:

You can use the icon to the top right of the map to expand to full screen. This gives a great view of just how many official stopping places there are in Europe!

Please note: I’ve not created this list of aires myself. I’ve simply downloaded the CCI TomTom points of interest (POI) file from here, and converted it to a GPX file so it can be shown on a Google Map. Please refer to the CCI website for all details of aires.

Last updated: August 2015