Fisterra/Finistere – Most Westerly Point of Spain






We’re here –,-9.262387

Weather – threatened rain all day, and now it’s here.

We got up this morning and once Charlie had polished off leftover chicken and gravy for breakfast we packed up and set off for Fisterra/Finistere (places still have two names!) which is sort of the Lands End of around here. We treated ourselves to the toll road and for the princely sum of €2.25 saved ourselves half an hour driving and probably more than that in fuel. Once the toll road had run out – another unfinished road project – we wound our way through small towns and villages and were surprised houses which had been started but not finished. All that was there was a concrete shell of pillars, floors and stairs all overgrown with weeds. Even stranger were roads that had been made, painted, signposted – even road signs on the them for things like roundabouts and pedestrian crossing, but nothing else other than an advertising board for a new urbanization which again looks like it’ll never be completed. I guess that the rainiest part of Spain has the least number of tourists and has been hit hardest by the economic problems.

We stopped for a quick Spanish omelette with peas and ham – bargain meal for a euro at the supermarket, and looked across the bay to where we were heading. After lunch we reached the town and parked up in the car park next to the port – one day we’ll be here when the fishing boats bring in their catch – as we’d decided to walk to the lighthouse at the very end of Spain (well technically that’s 5kms North of here, but the lighthouse is the accessible most Western point in Spain and who am I to argue!). On the way up there we were going into a headwind so strong that sometimes you couldn’t walk against it, you could lean on it though which was fun. This can’t be unusual as there’s a statue of a pilgrim walking to the end of the Camino de Santiago, which ends in Santiago until some clever so and so extended it to the shore, leaning into the wind on one of the corners. We had some fun trying to get photos of Charlie as the wind blew his lips open while his mouth was still shut, a bit like being in one of those G-force testing machines.

There was an Aire up next to the lighthouse and it would have been amazing if the weather was good, but right now we’re getting lashed with rain and rocked by the wind in the shelter of the port car park, so I doubt we’d have got any sleep if we’d stayed up there.

We’re holed up in Dave and thoughts of maybe sitting having a drink and bite to eat at one of the quayside bars are fading as fast as the sun as the rain is getting heavier. We’re heading for a campsite tomorrow to charge everything and do the laundry – well it’s not all glamour, but we’re still enjoying it.

Ju x


  1. Hi Guys
    Just got the ACSI book out and there are 2 open campsites in your area.

    Ctra Mouros-Finisterre,km 3
    ph +34 981-826115
    coords N42 45 39 W 9 3 44

    Ria de Arosa 2 Rural
    +34 981-865911
    N42 37 15 W8 59 14

    Might help if you allready have the info let me know.

    Dave and Kim

    • Thanks for looking those out for us Dave.

      We’ve heard from another motorhoming couple ( that the first one is definitely open as they stopped there a couple of weeks ago. We’re finding even the ones that say their open in the books aren’t always, or are physically open but with no services other than electricity. We’ll head over there today and get the laundry on – can’t believe how much we’ve worn in a fortnight!

      Hope you and Kim are both well and Nancy is resting ready for more adventures in 2012.

      Ju x

  2. I think that you have described Spain perfectly. They are great at starting stuff, then go for a siesta, and never finish anything.

    “We are off to sunny sunny spain, aviiiiva espania”. Sing than and then try and get it out of your head. I have now got it stuck in mine. I’m going to sing it to claire as well and get it stuck in her head. We can all go to bed with this stuck in our head and hum it at work tomorrow because it’s Friday, Hurray.

    Thursday night now, and time for a beer :)

  3. The pic of G-Force Charlie is awesome. Saw a hymen in the Maccy D’s carpark yesterday and thought they must be hijacking the wi-fi!!!
    Glad you guys are still having a blast.

  4. Hahahahahahahahaha, I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. That has got to be one of the best typos – even better than Shittlewood! My tummy hurts!..

    Loving the pic of Charlie, think that’s up there with his passport photo! Glad to see that the Kindle is coming in handy too! : )

    Keep the updates coming, love keeping up with what you guys are getting up to!


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