Damp Day in San Francisco, Spain

Our clothes are slowly drying now we’ve turned Dave into one big dryer/sauna – we’ve been sitting around in t-shirts as the heating and halogen heater work their magic. As an item finally becomes dry there is a cheer as it is ceremoniously removed from it’s hanging place of either the washing line strung up through the middle of Dave or the overhead cupboard (wonder if Hymer designed them especially so you could hang wet clothes in them?) as Dave slowly returns to normal. The downside is it’s starting to smell a bit fusty in here – and we still have a huge bag of washing to get done.  J has found us a solution in the next town we’re going to – Santiago de Compostela.  Being a main part of the pilgrim route we figured it should have a few laundrettes and we weren’t wrong, he’s even found one that washes and dries it all for you – heaven! As it’s Sunday tomorrow we might have to stop in the town for a couple of nights to get it all done but looking at the Lonely Planet guide there is plenty to see and do there.  We just need to clear the few gallons of condensation on the windscreen first.

We haven’t really done much today as it’s rained on and off all day. Luckily we’ve got wifi access here so J has been tinkering with the blog – hope you like the improvements.  We’ve also registered with a stock image library website to try and sell some of the photos we’re taking while we travel – I’d better pull my finger out and try to remember some of the stuff they taught me at college all those years ago! We’re just waiting for our registration to be approved, but in the meantime we’ve put up a few more pics on the photos page.

We’ve only stepped foot out of Dave a couple of times to give Charlie and walk and to use the showers here – I was in there so long I managed to steam up every mirror in the place, it’s a big place and I was the only one there :)  An afternoon nap has got me ready for a Saturday night on the tiles – or tile as there didn’t seem to be much open in the place we’re at.  Chris and Tina have reached the campsite (J’s just been in their van, he said it’s like luxury after Dave the sauna/stinky dryer) and we’re off out with them tonight to catch up with what we’ve all been up to for the past couple of days.  There’s also another motorhome on the campsite belonging to Mark and Jackie from Germany, so they’re coming out with us too – the more the merrier.

Tomorrow we’ll also be putting up Dave’s Christmas decorations (assuming stuff will stick the damp walls) – I suspect there’ll be a lot of Christmas tree wrestling going on over this weekend in homes across the world, I used to love putting our tree up at home.  It’ll be a very different Christmas for us this year, but we hope to find a campsite somewhere in Portugal with a bit of sun to relax in.

Have a good weekend.

Ju x


  1. Hi Guys
    All this rain reminds us of Scandinavia. Luckily we had an awning so the van was kept pretty clear.
    On the good side you don’t have to pay 12euros for the Sauna and it is a private one, you just need to camp near a lake and get that hot cold thing they enjoy up there. Enjoy the beer tonight
    Kim and Dave.

  2. Some great photos on your photo page. We bought our tree today and it looked a lot smaller in the forest than when we got it home. It’s massive. Claire and I now squeeze in a corner on the lounge to watch TV.

    Have a good night.

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