All OurTour Blog Stopover GPS POI Co-Ordinates

Here is the export of all stopovers up until July 2017.

All of the locations are also mapped out on the Google Map below, so you can have a browse around that way too. Any problems – please just drop me a line at

Cheers, and happy wandering, Jay


  1. Hi you three.
    You may remember a while ago I was saying about Janette and I getting a used Hymer B544 from Germany and hoping it would be all ready for April 1st. Well all the paperwork came through in the 1st week of April. We are all legal and raring to go. Have had one day trip out and planning our first 3 day trip for next week. Started a blog (but still learning) – – won’t be producing anything like yours though which makes for riveting reading. Hooked.
    Ian & Janette

    • Fantastic Ian, congratulations to you and Janette – fun times ahead! I’ll add your blog to our list of fellow motorhome travellers – have fun bloggin’. Cheers, Jay

  2. I have been writing down the coordinates of a loads of the places you have stayed over the years. This will be a real time saver. I like the way you have set it out by country and included the url to the blog post.

    I read your blog everyday and feel inspired by what you are doing. We have been chasing FIRE for a while now and are now there. Just need the motor home and we will be hitting the road.

    Thanks again


    • “We have been chasing FIRE for a while now and are now there.”

      You don’t need me to say it Richard, since you’ve been the ones swimming against the tide, but well done man!!! The door is now well and truly open! Have a ton of fun, you surely deserve it. Jay

  3. Like Richard above, I too have been writing a few places down on various pages of my rough guides for France and Spain and making plans for my next trip. So a BIG thank you. I have down loaded the PDF on my kindle. I just wanted to ask you if I am being think…cos when I click on the Blog Post links it doesn’t take me to the relevant post. Croatia looks so inviting, love all your photos.

    • Hey Megan. Errr, dunno about the Kindle, sorry. Just checked the PDF on the laptop and the links seem to be there (they don’t look like links, but if you click on them they open the blog post) – might be a device-specific thing. Cheers for the comment, very much appreciate it, enjoy that trip! Jay

  4. Excellent. I’ve just finished creating a similar POI file for my Garmin, which I uploaded and tested successfully. Now I have the ‘OT’ bmp which’ll pop up as we approach one of your past stops.



  5. Have followed your blog for a while now, and lovin’ it! Thank you so much for these files, we look forward to using them. We appreciate all the time and effort involved with sharing this invaluable resource. We have just bought our Motorhome, and are looking forward to doing something similar, once kids have left home! We are particularly looking forward to your blog of your upcoming Northern travels this summer…keep em coming!!
    Steve and Kathryn

  6. I love getting your newsletter on a Sunday, the blog is great!! Thank you for all the tips and guides. I’m heading around France, Spain and Italy with my Labrador this summer.
    Looking forward to the next newsletter already!

  7. Great blog we’ve been reading you and lizzybus, between you we could get all the information needed to go round the world. Get together and write a book about your ventures, With all the info and stories, it would be a best seller every.

  8. Hi
    Love your site and regularly read all your blogs..

    Today I downloaded your Garmin “Blog Stopover GPS POI Co-Ordinates”
    It looks to me that the file has been corrupted?? maybe something to with your server problems today???
    When the Garmin version is opened in Excel, column 3 looks to be the culprit.


  9. Jason

    Regarding the Garmin Stopover GPS POI’s
    The error code that came up on my MacBook when loading to my Garmin mentioned line 105.
    I opened the file in Excel and deleted row 105 (which relates to Tallinn) and lo and behold, it now loads straight in to my Garmin.
    Hope you did not spend time on this, as the problem is unlikely to be revealed, unless you actually have a Garmin. Still not sure if it is the MacBook software, the Garmin GPS or the actual file that was the problem. Anyway It works now and I have no plans to visit Tallinn in the near future.
    We are heading off soon from Inverness for a trip around France and your Stopover POI’s will come in very handy.
    Thanks for sharing all your valuable information collated over the years.

    • Ah, good stuff! We’ve moved to another site today so not had chance to look. Many thanks for relaying the fix, I’ll apply it to our version here. Cheers, Jay

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