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Welcome to our guides and reviews section. Here you’ll find guides to do with all things for your motorhome, RV or campervan – including reviews of kit and lessons we’ve learned from our travels

As we travel, we continually learn lessons both from ourselves and fellow travellers. Sometimes it’s fun to learn for yourself; others we wished we’d learned the easy way and just read it somewhere! Please note that we by no means consider ourselves expert ‘vanners’; all the information here is based on our experiences but please (a) validate it for yourself before acting on it and (b) feel free to email us with corrections or you own additions (we will of course give credit to any info received).

Money and Financial Freedom

Let’s face it, unless you’re a lottery winner, you’re going to be keeping a close eye on your spending during your trip, as well as considering ways to generate a few Euros to help fund it. We’ve brought together all the financial lessons we learned as we travelled, and afterwards, to help you get an idea of how affordable this type of lifestyle can be. It includes places to further your financial education, our journey to financial freedom, costs for motorhoming and how to generate an income.

OurTour Motorhoming Guides

We’ve put together this section for any newcomers to motorhoming, those about to embark on their first motorhome trip abroad and for the old hands who want a laugh at the mistakes we’ve made along the way. These guides include information on accessing the internet while abroad, what to pack to take on a trip, how to stay legal driving in Europe, lessons we’ve learned, managing money, all things to do with the loo and much more.

OurTour Country Guides

Here we’ve collated information on the countries we’ve visited on our tour, including details of the road conditions, other drivers, places to stay, accessing the internet and costs for eating out and supermarket shopping. We’ve also added overviews of how much we spent while in the country and what on.

We’ve also gathered together all of our spending information and put it in one handy spreadsheet, so you can compare costs between several countries.

Kit Reviews

We’ve written reviews of some of the kit we use in Dave on our tour. We’ve described what it is, why we love/hate it, what we’d like improved and given each item a star rating out of five. We’ve also added a link to where you can buy it from too. 

Aires Map

We stop in a lot of free or cheap parking places specifically for motorhomes. In France they are called Aires, in Germany Stellplatz in Italy Sostas – this map shows just how many there are across Europe, and tells you how to find out where they are.


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  1. Hi there, still working on my plan to upsticks…just a couple of questions, firstly any tips on packing a ‘Dave’? What to avoid, how do you stop everything rattling around, are your cups, plates, cutlery etc wedged between pairs of socks and undies? Secondly, do you think you’ll come back or are you thinking of continuing? I don’t think I would ever want to return…have you got jobs sorted and how would you manage going back to the 9-5 routine? I’d love to hear your views! I’ll no doubt have more questions very soon but shan’t bombard you with them all at once!! Thanks Michelle

    • Hi Michelle

      I did have some fun packing Dave – fortunately I had a bit of experience from our previous van Harvey. In Harvey there special holders for plates, cups and glasses – so no rattling. No such luck in Dave though. All the cupboards are lined with no slip matting (you can get rolls of it from the pound shop – I’d recommend this for everywhere you can put it!). This really helps for cups, tall glasses are laid down and wedged in with the kitchen roll and any bread we have for eating. We’ve gone for plastic plates and bowls – the sort you find in shops for picnics. This means less weight, less rattles and less likely to break. They are all stacked in the cupboard on top of the non-slip matting.

      Cutlery is in a normal drawer holder with compartments, which is cut to size to fit in a drawer, the drawer is only small, so forks and spoons go in together but opposite ways round so you know what you’re getting when you pick it out. Before we set off I laid out in our spare room all the stuff we were going to take with us, then spent a weekend stacking it in Dave. This meant that I was able to fit stuff into cupboards (a bit like a puzzle) so it doesn’t rattle – our pans are stacked and just fit into the cupboard, so no space to move.

      Tupperware helps for keeping stuff in place, start saving ice cream tubs etc, so you can put small items in these so they don’t roll about, things like spices, jars etc. In Dave we have a pull out wire drawer, I put all of our cans in here and before we left I stapled a long tubagrip bandaged to one corner of it, then weaved it through the basket to make up width-ways compartments – this reduces can sliding. I think that’s about it – hope that helps a bit.

      As for going back, well we quit our jobs so don’t have anything lined up to go back to. But as we’re travelling around we’re thinking about what we want to do next – do we actually want to go back to the 9-5? Who knows! I have an admin and marketing background so can always get temp work when we return while we sort ourselves out and we’ve lots of friends who’ll let us park Dave up on their drives for a while. We’re going back for Dave’s MOT later this year, but will be back on the road after a couple of weeks for another 6 months at least – we’ll have to go back when we finally run out of savings. – but that’s ages away so no more talk along those lines :)

      Ju x

  2. Hi there, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’m so grateful for all the advice, with my hubby, don’t think there will be any ‘spare’ bread for wedging!! I can’t wait to leave although I think this has to be done properly and I reckon it’s going to take a good 9 – 12 months to get all the loose ends tied up over here…I reckon we won’t come back!!
    We’re trying to think of ways we can make some money while we’re on the road..
    We’ve both been in the catering trade for so long, it’s taken it’s toll!! I thought we could make up some delicious dishes and sell it to other motorhomers…an alternative take away!! My mind is awash with ideas, we’ve got to come up with something!!
    I have already started selling off stuff and sorting cupboards…I love it!!
    Thanks again…look forward to your post tonight…I read it every night before we go to bed and it keeps us focussed!!
    Take care, be safe

    • You made me smile. We were originally leaving around now to give us plenty of time to save up and sort everything. Then one afternoon in August we couldn’t wait any longer. I handed in my notice, we bought Dave and left in mid October. Months of planning time quickly turned into weeks, but you just do it all a bit faster with a deadline looming.

      It’s certainly worth keeping a UK address though so don’t cut all of your ties. It helps for insurance, nhs cover, banking and so much other stuff. We’re renting our house and have our post forwarded to Jay’s parents. Bless them, they check it for us and let us know of anything important – tax return reminders etc.


  3. Thanks for getting back to me. We’ve decided to rent out our house too and fortunately I have family who live in France so I can use that address too. We still have loose ends, a business to sell, so we really can’t move until that is sorted but then there will be no stopping me. Your blog keeps me going!!

  4. Hi just thought you should check some of your links as I get an Error 404 using my ipad eg for “finding somewhere to sleep”, “all things toilet” and others. Other links works fine so not sure what’s going on there. Cheers

  5. Hi there

    We’re in our mid 50’s and going to start travelling in about 6 months time starting in Europe. No clue where to begin, but want to keep in touch with you (the experts), as will need all the hell we can get!

    Look forward to hearing from you!

  6. we are just about to set sail on the 13th april maybe should have picked a different date but we can.t wait any longer we are avid readers of your blog

  7. Hi. We tested out motorhoming life for 6 months and lived it and have decided to up sticks and make it a permanent way of life. (In a couple of years, once we’ve banked enough cash to tell our bosses to sod off!) our query is- insurance and breakdown cover and medical insurance.. ours both only covered us for 6 months and we can’t find cover we can use indefinitely. Such a boring thing but one that has stumped us! Thanks

    • Hi Natalie. For breakdown, look at ADAC (German but cover UK citizens too). For van insurance we use Safeguard. For travel insurance we us Alpha Insurance. We’re not full timers though, we have a house in the UK (off back there in a few days) but those companies are all well worth a try. Cheers, congrats on your future exit! Jay

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