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Welcome to our guides and reviews section. Here you’ll find guides to do with all things motorhome, reviews of kit and lessons we’ve learned from our travels.

As we travel, we continually learn lessons both from ourselves and fellow travellers. Sometimes it’s fun to learn for yourself; others we wished we’d learned the easy way and just read it somewhere! Please note that we by no means consider ourselves expert ‘vanners’; all the information here is based on our experiences but please (a) validate it for yourself before acting on it and (b) feel free to email us with corrections or you own additions (we will of course give credit to any info received).

We’ll amend this area and add to it as we get time (yes, even though we’re full timing vanners we’re still often short of time), and as we learn.

OurTour Motorhoming Guides

We’ve put together this section for any newcomers to motorhoming, those about to embark on their first motorhome trip abroad and for the old hands who want a laugh at the mistakes we’ve made along the way. These guides include information on accessing the internet while abroad, what to pack to take on a trip, how to stay legal driving in Europe, lessons we’ve learned, managing money, all things to do with the loo and much more.

OurTour Country Guides

Here we’ve collated information on the countries we’ve visited on our tour, including details of the road conditions, other drivers, places to stay, accessing the internet and costs for eating out and supermarket shopping. We’ve also added overviews of how much we spent while in the country and what on.

We’ve also gathered together all of our spending information and put it in one handy spreadsheet, so you can compare costs between several countries.

Kit Reviews

We’ve written reviews of some of the kit we use in Dave on our tour. We’ve described what it is, why we love/hate it, what we’d like improved and given each item a star rating out of five. We’ve also added a link to where you can buy it from too. 

Aires Map

We stop in a lot of free or cheap parking places specifically for motorhomes. In France they are called Aires, in Germany Stellplatz in Italy Sostas – this map shows just how many there are across Europe, and tells you how to find out where they are.


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