Funding Freedom – Free Mini Guide Available Now

Funding Freedom OurTour Mini Guide

Available now for free: Funding Freedom, a mini-guide outlining how we afforded to move from corporate jobs to a life of travel at age 43. You can get the guide in various formats using the download button below (or by using this link), no payment, no need to sign up to anything, completely free. Please feel free to share it.

You can also download it directly to your Kindle from Amazon here Funding Freedom: From Corporate Life to a Life of Travel, but due to the way Amazon works, you may have to pay 99p if you use his method (Amazon set the price – at the moment it’s free, but they might change it back at any time).

Thanks, Jay


  1. Thanks so much for this guys.A great read! Lets us know we’re on the right track, if there is such a thing. Its books and blogs like yours that get me through the corporate day, keeping me focused on my goals and knowing that in the not too distant future I’ll be able to quit the rat race.

  2. I’m with Bob & Andy…a great read & having started the process ourselves we are so looking forward to the day we can meet you when we are on OUR tour

    • Thanks all who have commented, I appreciate it.

      The idea behind putting the info out there was simply to spread the idea something like this is possible for a lot of people. You don’t need to come up with an incredible business idea, win the lottery or inherit a fortune.

      Getting into the mindset for it is hard, but once you’re there, the end result is inevitable. The desire to buy and own recedes into the background, while the ever-increasing investment income serves to draw you along the path.

      The end result is freedom. You don’t have to be sat in an office at a certain time of day. You don’t have to sit in commuter traffic. You don’t have to beg for a few days off at the same time as your co-worker. You don’t have to put up with incompetent or plain angry managers. You don’t have to pretend to care about the company’s latest restructuring or the daft repeat of a doomed project. You don’t have to live in fear of redundancy.

      It’s an incredible feeling.

      Cheers, Jay

  3. Thanks for publishing this – if it hadn’t been for you guys we wouldn’t be sat here in a Wetherspoons in Knaresborough supping a couple of pints waiting for the tour de yorkshire to pass through in an hour. We are three weeks into our life of freedom and loving every minute. We didn’t believe it was possible to achieve it until our eyes were opened by your blog,financial info, links and book recommendations cherrs! :)

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