Fellow Travellers

We’re not the only ones crazy enough to do this, there are others out there too. Below are links to the motorhome blogs of fellow travellers who are either on the road, planning their adventure or recovering from it!

If your website is mentioned and you want add a bit more detail please let us know, or if you too are touring in a motorhome and want your site added please get in touch.

Aaron and Nicky’s Travels – Aaron and Nicky took the plunge in 2016 to explore Europe full-time in a motorhome.

Alamandas Travels – Ozzies Allen and Amanda are touring Europe.

Adventures in Our Van – Andy and Anne on long term trips with their dog Finn.

A Life in The Slow Lane – Tim and Sarah, touring Europe with pooches Mable and Melek in Basil the Hymer B588.

Aussie Bruce – Aussies Bev and Mark take a tour ‘up over’ (opposite of down under?) in Bruce the Hymer.

Aussie European Tour – Australians Rob and Krys’ blog has practical info on Schengen visas, buying a van from abroad and registering it, as well as their European tour.

Becky and John Motorhome Europe – Setting off on 1st May 2017 for a year in Europe with their pug.

Bevis on Wheels – Pete and Maggie Bevis’ travels in (and out of) a motorhome…where to next?

bj-rek.blogspot.no – A Norwegian motorhome travel blog with many trips in Norway and Europe (in Norweigen – Google Translate does a good job)

Bob and June – A bit about their trips and travels by motorhome and plane.

Bugger it, we’re off! –  Fiona & Chris, two empty nesters put their dreams of doing something different into reality.

Clune Gap Years – Kath and James’ journal and reflections of their motorhome travels.

Coopers on Tour – Kim and Ray Copper, from Langley in Berkshire, UK on a two year tour of Europe.

Danieletchon.com – Limoges-Istanbul-Helsinki by the long way round (in both French & English).

Escape Route – Looking for a way out by motorhome.

Eurosuntor – Matt and Sharon explore Europe by motorhome.

Follow our Motorhome – Andrea and Paul’s adventures in Boris the motorhome.

Gids and Angie on the Road – Following a life change, they set off touring and blog about it here, plus how they work to pay for it.

Go Humberto! – Lee & Angeline travelling in Humberto the Hymer.

GriswellsOnTour – Jane and Martin Wells embarked on a two year long European tour in April 2017.

Heidi Hymer – Peter and Elaine enjoying life and travels in Heidi the Hymer.

Hidden Gypsy – Harry the Hymer, his owners and a 14 year old Charlie dog!

Iona Motorhome – A brief diary of a motorhome named ‘Iona’.

Jefferson Campervan – Frank, Taylor and Odin the poodle from Toronto, Canada ship their van to tour everywhere!

JenGog – Jennifer Jones’ travel blog.

John & Lin’s Motorhome Adventures – John and Lin enjoy full time nomadic wanderings.

Kearus Overland – Ben and Melissa’s account of travelling Europe and Africa in a 4×4 with a roof tent.

Ken and Kathleen – Ken and Kathleen’s campervan trips.

Kiwi Travellers – Trish and Wayne, a New Zealand couple taking a later life gap year to experience a different way of life.

Knumpty Travel – Andy & Leonie’s travelling adventures in a motorhome.

Life in Our Van – The Thorley family are home-schooling their children as they travel Europe by motorhome.

Living in a Box – Swiss couple Sabine and Reto touring in their ‘box’ (German).

Living The Dream – Paula and ‘The Baxter’ tour Europe in Billy the motorhome.

Love Motorhoming – Mags and Shirley motorhoming with a little kindness.

Man Van No Plan – Angus & Mary about to set off on our first ever 6 month adventure in their McLouis

Marc, Sam and Max – Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once…

Moho-Dreams – Mike and Carol are travelling around Europe and living the motorhome dream.

Monty’s Travels – the adventures of full timers Donna and Phil!

Motley’s Magical Mystery Tour – Mike’s retired, Mandy’s left work at 51 and they’ve headed off on a mystery tour!

Motorhome Adventurers – Dan and Esther’s motorhome adventures in Europe.

Motorhome Tour – Steve and Jane take 2 to 3 month long trips around Europe in Ellie.

Motorhome Traveller – Nick’s travels with his wife Di and dog. May feature a few glasses of wine and beer!

Nomadic Dad – Andy and his wife are motorhomeschooling their three kids while on the road.

On Tour With Daisy – Nik and Serena Taylor tour the UK in their van daisy.

Our Bumble – Joanne & Craig’s ongoing adventure across Europe with their two dudes Mac ‘n’ Tosh.

Our Camper Conversion Adventure – Ian and Wendy’s step by step camper conversion.

Our Carefree Cruising – Gill and Ian, a couple of 50-somethings, have headed off to Europe for some well-earned ‘me time’!

Our Europe – Susan and Nigel are visiting all 28 EU member states in their classic Hymer.

Our Leap of Faith –  Paul and Michele set off in their trusty van Paloma around Europe for a year, taking a leap of faith.

Our World Traveller – Phil and Lynn Seddon on a four month shakedown for their truck in which they hope eventually to travel to China.

Rockinandarollin – A road trip around Europe in a Hymer B584 called Rocky.

SnailTrails – Robina and Neil set off in June 2016 to tour Europe at their leisure.

Steve and Glen Swatman – Middle aged full time and permanent travellers, living on a low budget.

Steve and Matt’s Motorhome Travels – follow Steve and Matt as the live in their motorhome and maintain a smallholding in the UK.

Sundance Grand Tour – Sharon and Stuart on their awesome travels around Europe.

Swifteurope – Vancouver, Canada based Chris and Gilllian travel in camper ‘Honu’ around Europe when on tour.

TheCamperVanGang – A UK family’s journey from campervan zeroes to heroes (in a van called Hiro).

The Great Escape – Kev, Liz and a Dethleffs motorhome called Van Brian.

The Full Monty – Ruth and John’s adventures in Monty the motorhome

The Motoroamers – Seriously Entertaining Travel from full-time digital nomads, Myles and Karen, in their chariot Scoobie.

The Motorhome Blog– Robert and Susans’ rounds up of all things motorhome.

The Old Age Travellers – Steve and Judy have been either camping or motorhoming most of their married lives.

The Road Goes Ever On – A couple from the US travelling worldwide, but currently in Europe by motorhome.

The Travels of Charlie the Chucklebus – Wayne and Angie’s tour in Charlie

The Wanderlings – After careers in the Army and as teachers, Roland and Claire go wandering and Roland writes some thrillers!

Tin Can Family – a family who have packed up their home life and swapped it for the #vanlife!

Tour Europe by Motorhome – Stu and Sarah wandering Europe and blogging in fantastic detail, check out the costs section!

TravelBunyip – Ewout and Jenny Snel tour in their Kangaroo-covered motorhome.

Travelling with Bluey – Australians Mark and Mireille Bloom spend months at a time travelling Europe.

Travel In Tortuga – masses of information here from a couple who’ve spent over ten years in a motorhome in Europe and the Americas.

Travel Van World – Stephen’s blog documenting his vans conversion into a motorhome.

Travels with Hetty Hymer – Fellow Hymer Hetty tours with John and Susan.

Van Dog Traveller – Mike quit work, built a campervan and now travels in it.

Van Voyage – Travels in a Campervan – Cathy and Paul’s travels in a motorhome and other stuff.

Vantastic Journey – Around Europe in far more days than it took Fogg to get around the globe.

VeeDubAdventures – Single Mum Sarah and her daughter Tabitha hit the road for a year of adventures.

Vincent Van Gone – Ken and Gill, a driving instructor and a teacher; normal folks who want to do something a little less ordinary.

Where’s Frankie – October 2014 Mark and Lucy set off on a short (nine month) tour!

While we are young enough – Dawn, Shaun and their pooch Jager Butler/Baker head off for the trip of a lifetime.

With No Particular Place to Go – Pat & Phil Manning spend nine or ten month’s a year travelling Europe.

Woodies on Tour – Helen and Richard Wood have been on the road for over three and a half years, currently touring Australia.

Woolley Wanderers – Shaun, Jude and poodles Cleo and Eric touring Europe in their motorhome.


Done Roaming!

These travellers may have put up their wheels, but there is still loads of great information and good reading to be had on their sites.

A Tale of Two Dickens – Phil & Elizabeth Dickens, and Bridget Jones the dog travel Europe in a Winnebago.

2wanderers – Finished their mid-life career break journeying in Europe with Dora, their motorhome in October 2015.

A Major Break – The family were on a long tour with the kids, endured a breakdown and a break-in, but still pushed on.

A New Adventure – Marius and Joan, travelling Europe by motorhome.

Bob and Leftie – Bob’s retired at 65 and set off with his Hymer to discover the joys of motorhome life.

BriMoGreece2013 – Brian and Mo Cross tour Greece in their motorhome.

Campingly – The travel and lifestyle blog for motorhomes, camper vans and caravans.

Charlie Dog Came Too – A description of a one year trip around Europe in a campervan.

Chasing Horizons – Claire and Sam (who we met in Tunisia) went around the world on motorbikes!

Do Your Dream – Ryan and Mel’s campervan adventure.

EuroCamper2013 – Peter, Susanne and their children take a four month tour of Europe (in Dutch).

Europe By Camper – Adam & Sophie’s European travels through over 20 countries in their motorhome.

Euro Touring – Twenty-somethings Matt and Jo tour Europe on a budget of £10k.

ETraveladky – Adam and Kylie’s tour of Europe in an old Hymer.

Free At Last – Wanderings in retirement.

Gone Roamin’ – Geoff and Maggie’s ‘Middle Aged Gap Year’!

Gruntle – To cause happiness, pleasure, or amusement. To put in a good humour – by SJA.

Hank The Tank – Michelle and Barry Dobson’s adventures in Hank.

Happy Richters – Connie and Marc’s motorhoming takes from eight years of travel.

Hels on Wheels – Helen B, Helen P and Zac the dog take a year out to tour Europe in a motorhome

Jacqui and Mike – Their ‘little’ journey touring Europe by motorhome!

Kiri and Steve – Heading off for a second tour of Europe!

Liberte Too – Nigel and Margaret’s winter wanderings around Europe and Morocco.

Life on 4 Wheels – Chris and Ali’s European Adventure.

Meet the Mickarchies – Polly and Mick’s Grand Adventure in France.

Nancy Does Europe – Kim and Dave, two ‘fifty somethings’ on the adventure of a lifetime.

Rhino Camper – Ian, Marit and their boys Bo and Vic are having adventures and helping to Save the Rhino.

Technomadics – Katherine & Michael vagabonding around Europe.

The731Report – Rose and Paul, Ozzie motorhomers who like to free camp.

The Big Trip – Chris and Tina don’t just dream it, they do it!

The Grey Gappers – David and Karen spent a year following a Rick Stein foodie trail in Spain before another 5 month’s touring wider Europe on the way home.

The View Though Our Window – Hazel and John’s extended breaks around Europe.

The World Is Our Lobster – Catherine & Chris visited all 47 European countries (and Morocco) in their motorhome.

Travels With Mavis – Peter and Nia’s excursions in Mavis the motorhome with their two border terriers.

Wandering Europe – James and Laurie travel Europe in their self-built motorhome.

WildMoonDog – Australians Dave and Bern travel Europe with their two dogs Scarlett and Tenzing.

Wherever The Road Goes – One man. One woman. One campervan. One horizon.


  1. We are planning to something similar, with our dog. Can you tell us approximately how much we need to last 3 years in Europe? I’m guessing 25-30K??

    • Hi Mick

      I’ve dropped you a reply on email, but I’ll pop it here as it might help others too.

      It’s great to hear that you’re planning your own adventure. Please be sure to keep in touch and let us know how it’s going.

      I’m not sure about the cost for three years on the road, but I can give you an idea of how much we spent in our first year which might help.

      At night 365 of our trip we had spent on average €51.37. Which included around €3000 of repairs on our van (after we blew a tyre, clutch failed and numerous other bits and bobs – the downside of an old van).

      This post outlines our start up costs which were not included in the €51.37 per day – http://ourtour.co.uk/home/the-money-bit/

      So if you add up the relevant ones to you and divide them by 365 then add that on it will give you a total ‘actual’ figure for a year on the road. Which also includes a ferry back to the UK and out again (as we came back a bit early for Dave’s MOT) and a ferry over to Morocco and one to Hvar Island, and additional insurance for Morocco and Bosnia.

      We moved most days, so if you’re taking it easy and only moving every two or three days, and stopping in free places (aires, wild camping etc) you should be able to easily do it cheaper than we did. Our friends at Adam and Sophie (EuropebyCamper.com) spent under £10k on a year of travel, so I’m thinking £25k might be a bit low but £30k could do it, it would depend on how far you plan to travel as a large part of our cost is on diesel – there’s a full breakdown of our costs for the first 9 months here.


      Hope that helps a bit.


  2. Ok so we have a dream… 5 boys all up and either approaching Uni, at Uni or left Uni…
    So we have decided to dip our toe in the world of motor home travel and are looking for advice… It’s either that or run away to Asia :)
    First thoughts are to hire for a month, do the France Spain and Italy norm and see if we get the bug!
    Any suggestions would be welcome…


    • Hi John

      It sounds like a great idea, although I do think a month of renting might be quite expensive. I guess it all depends on what type of motorhome you want to end up with if you do decide you want to travel. Dave cost just over £10k and I think rental is around £1-2k per week.

      It might be worth buying an older motorhome first to give it a try, but whatever way you do decide to do it, trying before buying is a great plan.

      France is a lovely place to motorhome, almost every town has an Aire – dedicated motorhome parking where you can also service your van – empty and refil water tanks, loo etc. Some are free, others charge a few euro. There are also loads of campsites.

      We loved pottering around the Dordogne, visiting Beynac and Sarlat off season you almost get the place to yourself, but still with good weather. Spain can be a bit tricky off season in the North, but the South and East coast are all full of campsites and a few Aires. We loved Portugal too.

      Any of these three would be a great introduction to motorhoming. If you look at our Our Route page you can see where we have visited this trip, and if you click on the marker on the map it will take you to our post for that place.

      Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on.



  3. Hi, what you are doing is amazing, im really happy or you. We rented our house out a year and a half ago and we have done alot of touring in our van since. We have a holiday website so it is perfect for us. We added our trip on to it if you would like to read it or add it to your site. If you would ever like anything posting to my site, just let me know. My link to my story is http://www.thetourexpert.eu/?page_id=27777
    Hope to hear from you soon, happy travels

  4. Great site, enjoying your posts. Just a tiny point it would be useful to list these in date order – much easier to find the new ones.

    • Hi Allison

      We opted for alphabetical when we first set it up as there were only a few, but as you can see the list has grown!

      Date order is tricky as we aren’t able to check very often to see updates – we generally have limited data while on the road. Start date order isn’t much use either as some guys who started ages ago are still going.

      It’s probably best to have a nose through and stick some in your browser favourites. One day we might get chance to go through and mark the ones who are finished, however if they’ve been to a far flung country you’re heading to they’ll still be of interest.



    • Thanks guys, have a fab time out there and keep on blogging! Enjoying revisiting places through your words and photos, and spotting lots of stuff we missed! Cheers, Jay

  5. I am from Morocco and always dreamed of an adventurous trip. Lately I traveled south Morocco with a camper. I was amazed by the diverse of landscape my own country has and to be able to rent a camper in Morocco by zigzag camper company and visit a lot of places in a short time was amazing
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    Travelling in Europe however none is as appropriate, or as effective, as touring by motorhome or campervan. You have total liberation and the only restrictions will be self-induced. £1000 per month is enough for two people touring in a motorhome, just £16 per day each! People on a van tour mostly use Motorhome Stopovers and these are often limited to 48 hours parking.
    Not entirely towns have a Motorhome Stopover as a result you naturally deviate off the tourist trail. Following a journey helps provide structure to your journey, but habitually your best memories are not Florence, Rome or Paris however the sleepy town where you drank with the locals. Read a general guide to Europe in advance as this will highlight the best minutes and give you an idea of where you want to pass your time. You could easily spend a year discovering France, Germany, or Italy and guidebooks are vital to help you choose where to go and what to see.
    Whatsoever type of motorhome you are, the important thing is to go. There is certainly not a right time, and you never know what will happen in the future. Should you discover that you do not like motorhoming, at least you have tried and if you love it, the closer you go the better.
    We recommend that you take a trip to France to learn what European motorhoming has to deal. Buy and study the appropriate guidebooks in advance, as these are improbable to be for sale at the rental office. Stop overnight in campsites of varying standards and at Motorhome Stopovers to get the full experience.
    Every country in Europe has camping spaces available for Motorhomes. Most tolerate free-camping in a understated spot. Major highways are built to carry large vehicles, so it’s not as rigid to get around as you might think.
    Norway, for example, has a special web site all set up for people looking for scenic drives called national tourist routes. In some behaviors, countries like Norway deal the best choice for motorhome tourism, since distances between housing options are long, traditional accommodation is luxurious, there is an abundance of natural beauty, and there are many opportunities to “free camp.”

    Easy Way to get Motorhome in Europe:
    There are three ways to obtain a motorhome in Europe. You can rent, you can lease, or you can buy one with a contract to sell it after you’ve used it. Rental is the only real option for short visits.
    Idea Merge recommends starting your rent in Germany – “even if the bulk of your journey lies outside Germany.” RVs are less expensive there, and the insurance allows you to drive appealing much everywhere in Western Europe.
    Why travel in a Motorhome:
    • You have a lot more freedom as to anywhere you want to go and how long you want to stay. We got to see places that we would in no way had the opportunity if we were pleasing public transport.
    • Save money on accommodation through free camping or staying at economy campsites.
    • Being able to park up right on the beach for anywhere to sleep – and then waking up with beach front views.
    • Excluding money on food through cooking meals.
    • Not having to deal with continually carting around heavy luggage.
    • Having your own home to sleep in every night instead of random hostel beds that are known to give bed germs!

    Tips for Motorhome Travel in Europe
    1. Dimensions of Motorhome:
    It should align with the line at the verge of the road. Some people pick two markers on the dashboard, then we’ve found using tape means you can still see these markers when its night time, or you’re in a gently lit tunnel, plus they’re easier to use in your exterior vision, so you don’t need to look sad at it all the time

    2. Awesome Places to Stay:
    There are lots of simply fantastic places to stay which are better located (in towns, close beaches, against fjords, in the mountains, beside lakes) and are inexpensive or free to stay in. They’re safe, have far thinner rules books
    3. Park Motorhome in Right way:
    Parking a huge white box is a pain in the butt. Especially when you’ve just driven the thing for hours on unaware roads. If you have the extravagance of a travelling partner, work out some airplane-like hand signals and grow them to jump out the van and guide you in. No shouting – with the engine running no-one can hear anything. No teeny tiny movements of the hands – get your entire arms in action. No confusing nodding of the head – a big skims up when you’re in place works
    4. Safe from Thieves:
    There are crooks out there. Far, far fewer than the media or forum sprites would have you believe, but thieves are a datum of life. Even if you buy a £200,000 Unimog with tiny windows and a mile-high door, thieves can get in
    5. Spend Time with Local People
    Another way to improve meaning to your trip is to allot some time for visiting with a local family. Serve’s, an organization of international hosts in over 100 countries, will offer you with host lists for the countries you request. The usual routine is to spend two nights at the home of a host family, usually including dinner. The objective is to absorb about each other’s way of life and exchange ideas. Certain hosts will give you a tour of the local area and all can offer useful information.

     Link to the site https://polarus.eu/

  7. Hi J&J,
    I am really flattered that you posted our Blog on your page. But as I said to you once before I was beginning to hate Blogger and really liked the blogs like yours on WordPress. So I finally bit the bullet and while camped at Lagos this year (with free wifi) have moved the whole blog to the free WordPress site http://www.TheOldAgeTravellers.wordpress.com I am really pleased with the result and have managed to get round most of the limitations. But may eventually cough up the wonga to use our own domain. And to get a bit more freedom and to be able to use plug-ins for example.
    What I am asking is, will you check out our new blog and if you are happy change the link on your site all the same just change blogspot to WordPress.
    The move has got me really exited about blogging again and I think has changed my writing style to hopefully become more interesting.
    Thanks for the inspiration and can you update the “Making money page” to latest figures. 2003 to 2018 and increased traffic must have a major difference.
    Thanks both,

    • Hi Steve
      Great to hear that you are feeling the blogging love again. We’ve updated your site on our fellow travellers page. Not sure if we’ll get around to updating the Making money page, mainly because we wrote it so long ago we’d forgotten it was there! We did an update in 2015 – http://ourtour.co.uk/home/ourtour-co-uk-blog-income-may-2015/ and these days we simply publish our overall income and expenditure in our annual financial round up pages.

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