You’ll be sure to spot us now!

Back in 2011 we had some stickers made by a chap in Aveiro, Portugal with our website url. Sticking them on Dave we were intrigued by what would happen. We had emails from people who followed us in their cars having read our sticker on the bumper, and we’d like to think more people came to talk to us because of them, but I guess we’ll never know.  What I do know is that it was a sad say when they had to be peeled off ready to say goodbye to Dave, once they were gone, he was no longer our Dave.

Zagan is slowly starting to feel more like our van by doing things like removing the sunflower stickers that were on him (if anyone knows how to get rid of the sticky stuff they leave behind while not ruining the paintwork please get in touch). Last night he took a massive step towards being part of the family with the addition of his own url stickers.

We got them made for us by Tribal Signs, and after a quick online chat with Simon from the company we discovered we could have our logo on Zagan too. They arrived very quickly, but we’ve had to wait for a break in the weather to fit them. Armed with a luminous orange flattenie thingy, it took a couple of hours but that’s because we had to wash and dry each area first – one day we’ll get around to washing the rest of him!

We think he looks rather cool – what do you think?







  1. Lakeland do sticky stuff remover, very gentle and does not seem to damage paintwork, oh and you should spray the paintwork with water ( very fine atomiser) then put the vinyl’s on the surface, when you squeegee the vinyl down the water gets squished out and you get no bubbles, also if you get it wrong you can lift it off again, but not once its dry..its on

    • No!!!! :-) why my face has come out looking just like Rolf Harris is a mystery. I’m not happy about it, but what can I say (other than Tie Me Kangeroo Down, Sport). Life must go on… :-) Jay

  2. Loving the build up to the start of you new adventures. I like the new logo & stickers. Try meths on the gunk left by the previous owners embellishments it has worked for me on my B544.

  3. Looking very good with his new stickers.

    The best thing I have come across for removing glue is Autosmart Tardis. It is also excellent at removing tar and most other things as well. It needs to be used sparingly and washed off afterwards then the area re waxed.


  4. Lighter fluid often works for the old glue. Whatever you use, try it on an inconspicuous place first as many of these fluids will soften paintwork, depending what the vehicle’s finish is. I speak as an ex-signwriter and I’ve tried most of those suggested over the years, all successfully. If the finish is the unpainted plastic we have on our Swift Sundance, it will take a battering without complaining. If it is cellulose or a factory finish (mostly water based these days) you should be OK. If it has been re-sprayed you never know what it was sprayed with, and this is usually when the fluids attack. No matter what, afterwards it is likely that a silhouette of the graphics will remain, caused by the surface oxidising and fading in the sun, while that under the vinyl remained protected. Swift’s plastic bodywork does not seem to suffer from this very common problem but if yours does, try T-cutting a small area. If the paint is compatible (most are) then get to work with a soft cloth and T-cut. A good bit of elbow grease will take the whole area back to a pristine finish. I could recommend a quicker professional abrasive paste, but use that too eagerly and you’ll get down to the primer, so persist with gentle old T-cut.

    And your graphic looks nothing like Rolf Harris.

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