What’s Your Favourite City to Visit by Motorhome?

We’ve just arrived at Camping Casa Alba in Bucharest, Romania, after an, erm, interesting journey to get here. We had a debate this morning about whether to come here at all, as cities sometimes seem difficult to visit by camper, especially if you’ve a pet you can’t leave in the van for too long. In fact, we’ve bypassed a fair few cities in the past, and it got me thinking, what are your favourite cities to visit by motorhome, and why?

If you could pop your thoughts in the comments sections, they’d be most welcome!

Cheers, Jay


  1. Thanks for you blog – it got us through our first trip in our Hymer, even though it was only Belgium with a slight detour to Amsterdam. The check lists were a great help and gave us help.

    Our best town for being historical and beatiful was Brugge – definately worth a stop there is an aire in Brugge but – you can basically park anywhere if the truck is less than 3 tonne. Brussells you could get right into the centre via the tunnel which runs, what feels like right under the city itself. There is parking close to the Royal Palace. But the most fun was Amsterdam.
    The day to day life there is crazy. Overnight parking is not allowed on any of the road in the Netherlands but we found a site less than a mile out of the centre and on the edge of a nature reserve. If you have bikes it’s even better fun especially in rush hour! I have never seen so many – They even had a bike multi-story! Perhaps you have seen better sites but so far these are our winners

  2. Favourite city by motorhome? BERLIN, capital of Germany. Reasons:-
    – it has history
    – ease of access on Underground trains, open top bus, bicycle, on foot.
    – former east and west Berlin still discernible but disappearing fast.
    – like London it has a soul, its lively, its diverse and it’s in-your-face like.
    We stayed 4 nights at the


    which is very central (traffic noise and can be packed) but there is a Top Platz site as well a bit further out.
    Berlin, it will not disappoint! See my Blog entry August 2012.

  3. Best city in a motorhome (so far) for us – Verona

    Great free car park within walking distance of the city. Beautiful buildings, lovely river and bridges, nice cafe’s and shops. Walk up the hill at the back and look down over the city.

    Enjoy Romania – we have just crossed border from Turkey to Greece today. Sad to leave Turkey but excited about Greece and hopefully Albania.

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