What does the future hold?

Finally having some time off from sightseeing and touring has given us time to think about the future. As you know we both left our jobs to take this trip and three months in we’re certainly not missing the 9-5 routine. I was looking back with rose tinted glasses for a while, but seeing updates from friends on since the New Year about busy weeks, back to back meetings and working weekends brings back why we’re doing this.

We took a break firstly because we were in serious need of one, but also to step back and think about what we want to do for the rest of our working lives and beyond. There does seem to be a bit of a conflict though. Do we go back to what we were doing (or similar) make good money to take time off and retire early, or do we seek out something we enjoy doing which will inevitably pay less. We know we don’t really need a lot to live on, but how soon when we get back will it be before we’re back in our old ways – a house with rooms you never use, too many tv channels to watch etc.

There’s a lot of thinking to be done, but one thing we both know and agree on is that wherever we end up we want a real wood fire!


Ju x


  1. Damn!
    I just noticed the ‘Posted by…’ thing at the top of each blog – and I used to have so much fun trying to work out in the fewest possible words, who was typing…

    Also – I keep trying to post this against your Monday Musings (since the next bit is relevant, honest) but it keeps coming up with the comment box for Sunday’s post… Strange :-(

    Anyway – what I WAS going to say when I first clicked ‘comment’ was:

    1. I am thinking along the same lines. I am throwing out loads of stuff and aiming for a simpler clearer existence after this move to Scotland… Except for the bike, the 4×4 and the garage full of tools of course…
    2. I don’t know if I said it or not, but I remember thinking at your leaving party, that this trip is going to change you in ways you can’t imagine and affect you for the rest of your lives… Brilliant isn’t it? You see more clearly as if a veil has been lifted. Watch out though, since that clarity will gradually get eroded and you will drift back into the old ways if you are not careful. I know that happened for me :(

  2. Hi Rog, never fear, that Posted By bit doesn’t mean anything as we share logons! Yep, you did say it would change us, and it has already. It is brilliant, although I could imagine us drifting back into rampant consumerism. Toys! We need toys! Cheers, Jay

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