We’ve forgotten something!

Our weekend shakedown went well, but we soon realised that we’ve missed something off our Essentials Packing List.

As we travelled in Dave (our old van) we bumped into a chap with a similar Hymer. We chatted about how we found travelling in them and I mentioned the trouble we were having with our satnav. There was nowhere for the mount to sucker onto on the dashboard, so we stuck it onto the windscreen, however with the windscreen being a country mile away, any mid-route changes (where’s the nearest petrol station? where do we go now that road doesn’t actually exist?) meant I had to unbuckle my seatbelt and get out of my chair to reach it – not ideal.

The chap (and if you’re him reading this I’m sorry but I can’t remember your name) showed me a nifty bit of kit – a satnav dashboard disc. It’s so simple, just a piece of plastic that is stuck onto the dashboard, and is smooth enough for the satnav mount to sucker onto.

We have the same problem with Zagan, so it’s time for me to hit the t’interweb and get one ordered ready for our next trip next weekend!


  1. We have just bought a snooper which is fab. You put the weight length width and height into it and that is the end of us being taken up cart tracks. It even warns you when you are approaching a hazard like a sharp bend or crosswinds ahead. We have mounted ours on the top of the dash to the right of the speedometer housing.

  2. Hi, Glad you have another van, you may find this an interesting way of mounting a Sat Nav and it WORKS. Having had the same problem while touring France, this is great and leaves no tell tale marks on the windscreen. you will need a CD slot though.



    • That’s a nice bit of kit Richard. Ju’d already procured the stick on bits or we’d have likely looked for one of them, or gone for John’s coaster approach. I’ve long given up worrying about the sticker mark on the window though, I’m pretty sure all but the daftest thief will know we’re using a satnav to get around, since just about everyone is? Just a theory. Cheers, Jay

  3. Jason
    I Folded a piece of aluminium to about 170 degrees to tuck under the carpet on the dashboard then mount the satnav bracket onto the top of this . This leaves the area clear and tidy on the rest of the dashboard and as its mounted near the centre can be reached and seen and altered by both passenger and driver.

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