We’ll be cooking on gas, al fresco!

My very generous brother and sister in law, Murray and Adele, have bought us a wondrous gas BBQ (thanks guys, it is perfect, not too big, light and in a carry bag which beats our old black bin liner approach hands down). It’s just arrived and I was that excited I legged it (drove) to Kimberley Caravans to get the connecting piece, hose and clips. I usually consider these places rip off merchants, especially in comparison with online retailers, but which website can get you something in 10 minutes?

As you can see, it connects to an external, well, connector which feeds it gas from the LPG tank. I feel I was somewhat cavalier (tight) in only buying a meter of pipe though; it is quite close to the tank! I lit it up with no trepidation (handy having no imagination) and et voila, works a treat. Next test: cook something, but as this probably entails the neighbours watching and thinking ‘what on Earth are those mad fools doing now’, I’ll wait for Ju to execute that particular test case!





  1. I got mine, funnily enough, from Kimberley Caravans. Not having an external gas point on our (very old) van, I have to use one of my propane bottles, but I use a hand tighten connector. Like you I only got 1m of hose, which isn’t too bad but I might invest in longer soon. The BBQ was fairly cheap, on off at the time, but then I paid £30 for a table to stand it on! Foolish as I now have a similar table that only cost me £10 and is a better height. This is because I find the BBQ on its own a bit close to the floor. Other than that, it is a great piece of kit. I would not recommend the pizza plate; I used the one I bought once, dropped it and, being made of stone, it smashed.

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