Ultimate shampoo saver, shaving all my hair off on a Spanish hillside



Yes, after much deliberation J’s finally gone for the chop – see before and after photos.

Not only will it save us money on shampoo, but it might also mean we get a move on and head for warmer weather!

I can’t get used to it yet, but then it’s only been a few hours since I chopped it for him – good job I’ve had some practice on Charlie.

Before you ask, I’m not planning to do the same.

Ju x


  1. Ha ha ha, fantastic! I did that to Jon when we were travelling but he let he grow again. He’ll be wanting to chop all his hair off again now! x

  2. No chance of sunburn at the moment, it’s been overcast or raining for days. To first things I’ve noticed, apart from the fact I look like a criminal, are (a) how cold my head was as we walked around last night and (b) how odd it feels to sense the rain falling straight onto my scalp. I think I’ll be letting my hair grow back!

  3. OMG you have aged by 20 years… now just to get Mr S to shave his noggin, its practically bare up top anyways! Safe safe and keep a hat on :-) and OMG I got the bloody equation wrong!! pmsl x

    • I feel like I’ve aged 20 years too. Tell Jay to keep his hair as long as he can! Have you guys got Skype? Would be great to video conference you at some point, if we can get some wifi?

      Cheers, hope all is well with you guys, Jay

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