Tomorrow, tomorrow, we love ya, tomorrow

We’re still in the Etap Hotel, Narbonne. The garage man (not Pascal, appeared to be his day off) tells us ‘demain’, tomorrow. We headed back to the Etap and checked in for the 3rd time. We have the same room, which Charlie has now decided is home.

On a plus note, we got to meet up with fellow travellers for a coffee while we waited. They’ve kindly invited us over to their van which is on the nearby aire. We’re scoffing some bread Ju raided from Dave (who at the time had an engineer scrabbling about under the engine). Then we’re off over there.

Fingers crossed for a 16:00 hours departure from Narbonne tomorrow!






Cheers, Jay

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  1. We wish you luck with the repairs. You must surely be having itchy feet by now, P.S. It great fun following your progress and great info/research for our future travels. Best wishes to you!

    • Thanks guys. All sorted today, Dave’s as good as new. With a full tank of diesel and LPG, we’re ready for more adventure, bring it on. :) Jay x

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