To rock, or not to rock?

We’re on the same campsite as yesterday. The sun shines, it is lovely and warm. The German, French and Dutch folks on the campsite are all sat at an open air bar, looks dangerous at 3pm so we’re avoiding it.

Our preparation for heading off to Morocco is just about complete. We know we have to go to the port at either Tangier Med or Tangiers so we can buy the insurance we need. We know where to buy the ferry tickets (from Carlos, apparently, he has an office here). We have a list of campsites and GPS co-ordinates. We hope we can get a map in Algeciras, if not we’ll get one in Morocco. Bring. It. On. :)

We’re now discussing whether we should bother going to Gibraltar when we get back in a month. We’ll be passing close by, so why not? Well, as far as we can tell it’s a weird Little Britain kind of place, with pubs, a Morrisons supermarket (cheap diesel we hear) and no doubt hordes of tourists. Also, we only have about £20 of UK money, so may end up having to actually change cash for Gibraltar Pounds, which are useless anywhere off the rock. If we do go, do we bother heading up the rock to be harassed by the apes? We don’t know – help us – there’s a voting option on the right, we’ll go with the consensus!

Today’s an easy day, tucked up nice and safe on the campsite. We’ve walked a few km down to one of the beaches nearby and are now messing about with wifi and the Uke (oh, and Ju’s doing some washing). My playing is coming on very, very slowly. My latest effort’s below, compares with this 3 weeks back.

Cheers, Jay


  1. Hi Guys
    Still enjoying the blog and following your adventures which we beleive are about to increase with the Morrocon leg. We have been to Gibralta but can’t think of anything to recommend it. We actually went on a day trip from Tangiers via Ceuta many moons ago. So an option could be a day trip to Gibralta and then not have to drive there.
    I think there was some problem with the Spanish border to Gibralta then so not sure if that’s ok now.

    All the best Kim and Dave.

    • Hi Kim and Dave. Glad to hear you’re still with us. We’re so excited and nervous about Morocco, off to get the tickets today and ferry either later on ot tomorrow. Fantastic! We’ve heard we can park outside Gibraltar and walk in, so if the poll says ‘go’ we may do that, but no cheap diesel that way! Cheers and keep warm up there, Jay

  2. I have been to Gib many times. You can park along the road in La Linea which runs parallel with the Gib border and walk in. I haven’t been back since they started the new airport.

    I’m sure at the Gibraltar petrol stations closest to the border you can pay in euros – all the spanish drive over the border at night to buy petrol and cigarettes when the border queues have gone, this time of year the border should be much quieter, at the height of summer you can be waiting two hours. You will struggle with a large vehicle through some the streets though but will be able to get to Morrisons fine as its in the Europort area of Gib which is all new. The banks are the same as the UK if you do need pounds and those pounds are fine back in the UK.

    Random fact but you can also buy beer at the bar in the Gib Morrisons café with your full english brekkie.

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