Thoughts from the Birthday Pooch!

Tasty chicken foot I picked up in Portugal

Hello everyone!

As it’s me birthday today Mum and Dad have finally let me have a go at writing one of these blog post things – I normally sleep while they write them, well it can be soooo boring.

As I’m not too good with typing – I struggle as I don’t have thumbs for the space bar – I’ve decided to dig out some of my fave pics from the past year.

If you enjoy them please send me gravy bones as I love ’em!

Charlie x

I like to help Mum and Dad out where I can with my vast knowledge of Europe
Warming up and drying off after a wash – I like five star treatment from Mum and Dad
So glad that chariot thing was left in Morocco – I hated it!
When the tyre blew up in Spain I thought I was a gonner – I ended up under Dad’s feet by the pedals, a tad dazed
Sometimes a walk in the rain is no fun – we were in the Picos mountains here and I was so cold I was shivering even with my coat on
Here I am on a sunny day in the Picos mountains, see how close I got to the picnic bag!
It was sooo windy at Finsterra in Portugal that my lips were flapping
A nice beach in Nazares, Portugal, but I didn’t catch one bird :(
Tasty chicken foot I picked up in Portugal
I had a great Christmas with everyone in Portugal. Mum and Dad got me a bone, we had a BBQ (I snaffled some food) and we went to the beach – couldn’t get any better!
Me and my mate Snoopy have a plan to gang up on that Charlie Brown
How big and mean do I look here?
We had a lovely week in a villa at the start of the year, I helped collect wood for the fire
He he – Poor Mum was so thirsty in the Moroccan desert, but I had the water!
I love a bit of fish and this one was fresh from the sea at the port in Essouria in Morocco – I didn’t have to pay for it either!
I loved Morocco, there was so much tasty food. Here I am munching on a huge crab leg – good job they never got a photo of me eating all that camel poo!
Don’t know why Mum and Dad insist on taking me to high places, I hate them. Rhonda was pretty but I was so scared.
It was great to see Grandma and Granddad in Benidorm, I got lots of treats and spoiled rotten!
My first stay in a hotel was in France when Dave was being repaired. I had a toasty shower and furred the room up big style!
My poor bits were freezing!
Here we all are waiting on the mountain for the bikes to go past, I had a great view from Dave’s dashboard
Here’s me at the Giro d’Italia with World Champion Mark Cavendish – I move in the best circles!
I don’t get swimming, I don’t like it, but Dad keeps making me do it – why?
We visited the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, they were beautiful and I got carried around the whole day as the walkways and my paws didn’t go well together!
I got to stay out late a few nights, here I am partying in Split for Dad’s 40th Birthday
It was so hot in Croatia, Mum insisted on putting a bag of ice on me….
…but Dad kept getting me wet instead!


  1. Hey,Charlie – it’s me, Cairo Badcat (Aka Dave)It’s about time they let you run da show. Great piccys, buddy: looks like you are having lots of fun. Well, ‘cept when da humans take you up to high places.Good job you’re not a cat: what with all those trees and roofs we haz to climb!
    Anyway, Charlie, just wanted to wish you a great birfday,buddy. Hope you get lots of noms.
    Luv Cairo xx
    psst: catch me on Facebutt – I haz my own page ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!!
    Hope you’re all OK and finding warm(er) places to be! It’s getting cooler here.
    Much love to all of you xx

  3. Charlie,
    Birthday greetings from some of the countries you have visited!

    Happy birthday, عيد ميلاد سعيد (Aid milad said), Eliz cumpleaños, Joyeux anniversaire, Buon compleanno, Sretan rodjendan, Vse najboljše, Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Feliz aniversário, Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Felicxan naskigxtagon, Gelukkige verjaardag, Betchfessîs djoyeus aniversaire

    I am sure your mum and dad will tell you which greeting belongs to which country? And tell you the odd one out!

    Mike and June

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie, what a brilliant report and I love your pics. What a nightmare with the tyre blow out, guess that is one of your nine lives taken – oops sorry you are not a cat are you !

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