This is harder than we thought it would be!

We’re still in the UK and get the ferry back out to France in a week. So far Dave has had his MOT and we’ve been catching up with family and friends.

Walking around the town we used to live in makes us wonder if we’ll ever live here again, maybe somewhere new beckons, but not too far away.

Today I reached the landmark age of 40. I don’t really feel any different and as I have cut Jay’s hair, and started operation make Dave clean, it doesn’t feel like a special day at all. Still tonight we’re off out to our local Italian for some tasty food.

It’s a good job we have a ferry booked as we’re seriously eating like kings at the moment – cooked breakfast most days and meals out with family and friends – and will have to leave if only so our clothes still fit!

We went for a birthday tea with my Mum and Dad last night at their local, I had a very tasty gammon and pineapple even though the fish and chips smelt amazing. While stopping at their house we went through our clothes we’d left in their attic. It was like going shopping, only everything is free and to your taste. It was great, but also a stark reminder of just how much stuff we used to have. My desperately worn thin and about to hole jeans were replaced with an identical almost new pair, my black t-shirt which was chewed up by an overloaded washing machine in rainy northern Spain was replaced by one of several similar ones, and I picked up a few extra items for a bit of variety.

Coming home has been great, but we’re now starting to say goodbyes again and it’s getting hard again.

Ju x


  1. Wow, what an adventure!!. I have read ur entire blob in lunch breaks at work for the last 5 weeks, and have looked fwd to everyone. Normally a cat person but Charlie has me thinking I need to dognap him :). More travel required, as ur blog is very entertaining!!. And a very happy bleated birthday. x

    • Thanks Cazz

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog, we’ll be back on the road soon for more adventures and Charlie is busy packing his toothbrush!


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