The OurTour Elves wish you a Merry Christmas!

We’re not sending Christmas cards this year – can’t find them in the shops here! – so instead the OurTour Elves have put on a show for you – enjoy and have a brilliant Christmas and New Year!! Note that this elfish daftness plays out for your wonder and delight using Flash, so those of you with a shiny new iPad/iPhone for Christmas will be prevented by the Late Great Steve Jobs from torturing yourself with it!

Julie, Jay & Charlie x

If you can’t see the video above, please click on the link below


  1. Hi guys,
    The link is not populated (viewing on ipad) and the link “if you can’t view this” takes you to App Store- or more probably its my lack of skill.
    Can I just say I have been in bed with a slipped disk for 4 days and have read your blog from the beginning to about 3 /4 way through and it has made a pretty miserable time bearable, thank you.
    We are planning our mid life “gap year ” and you are nothing short of Inspiring.
    Have a great Xmas and may your wheels keep spinning.
    Dave and the gang in not so sunny Wigan.

    • Hi Dave, unlucky on the slipped disk, sounds flippin’ painful. Thanks for the comments you made about us, we really appreciate it (Charlie less so, but I just popped him a bone-treat-biscuit-thing on your behalf). Yeah, the player for the video is based on Adobe Flash, which doesn’t work on Apple’s iPad/iPhone collection – sorry! I’ll add a note to the blog post so people know. Take it easy/the best you can, and happy wanderings when you get going! Ju ahs to keep reminding me it’s xmas by the way; I can’t say I miss all that stuff much! Cheers, Jay

  2. I would vote for Charlie on a “Strictly X factor got talent on ice get me out of here” sort of thing.
    Sorry guys you were out danced by a dog.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have for your Crimbo Lunch. Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks Vaughan

      Our pooch has some smooth moves and is pleased he finally got to showcase his talents.

      Freezer is almost empty (just our last block of extra strong English cheddar) ready for whatever Christmas delights we can find in the Sicilian supermarket – wish us luck!


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