The luck of the British! Santander and Cabarceno, Spain



Karma lives. Yesterday’s bad luck with a tyre blowout has been easily balanced out with (a) finding a motorhome dealer with the skills, parts and time to do all the repairs in a day and (b) our luck in meeting a fab British couple of fellow travellers who saved us from a day of travel by bus.

Tina and Chris (henceforth referred to as the heroes) followed us to the dealer, then drove us into Santander (which turned out to be a nicely manicured, interesting city with a lovely beach) for a day’s wandering and finally took us back to the dealer. I’ve just been informed Tina is now cooking us up some chicken dinner. Karma. I love it.

Today’s highlight #1 collecting the van, fully sorted and ready to continue roaming

Highlight #2 scoffing a roast chicken next to the Santander bullring

Highlight #3 full chicken dinner and wine. Luxury. Followed by a ukulele lesson from Tina (I need to cut my nails tomorrow)

Tomorrow’s plan is to hit a campsite. Oh yes. A campsite. Showers, hook-up, possible WiFi, maybe even a swimming pool. OMG.

Thanks to everyone who wished us the best after the blowout. We really appreciate it, and it helps push us onwards. Cheers, Jay


  1. Sounds like you lucked out there guys – every cloud and all that…!

    You’re missing all the excitement at Newstead. The canteen kitchen is finally being refurbed/extended with work starting on Monday. My immediate response to the email was to ask if we’d finally be getting porridge and fried eggs back on the breakfast menu…Unfortunately I won’t be here to enjoy their return as I’m on my 3 day countdown :-)

    ps – I thought Santander was just a bank!!

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