Sunday numbers – a few costs and stats

Eric's villa has a pool. Even though it's January I had to go in. I wasn't in there long!

Day 2 in Casa Bella.

We’ve had a good old chill out today, including a very, very quick dip in the pool. As we’ve basically managed to do next to nothing, except for a 20 minute dog walk, here are a few stats of our trip so far. All this info is thanks to Ju, she keeps a track of every single cent we spend. We’ve been travelling for 90 days, and have done 5940Km (which works out at 66Km per day; we’re going slowly).

Description Total Average per Day
Diesel: €719.17 €7.99
LPG: €57.34 €0.64
Campsites: €247.01 £2.74
Overnight: €78.10 €£0.87
Eating Out: €632.41 €7.03
Supermarket: €1,018.53 €11.32
Pooch: €9.19 €0.10
Parking: €8.35 €0.09
Travel Other: €0.00 €0.00
Repairs: €953.87 €10.60
Clothes: €187.95 €2.09
Phones: €132.15 €1.47
Tolls: €52.84 €0.59
Other: €42.06 €0.47
Tours: €50.00 €0.56
Supplies: €219.46 €2.44

A few notes:

  1. We’re avoiding campsites most of the time, staying on free or low cost aires or in car parks, so our nightly costs are low.
  2. Unlike the UK, paid parking is rare in the places we’ve been. We’ve only paid for parking in central Porto.
  3. We’ve spent a fair bit on repairs, but a good part of this was due to a tyre blowout, the money we’ve had back from the insurance has been taken out of these numbers so the costs here are what we’ve actually paid.
  4. We don’t party too hard (read as: hardly at all), so the ‘Eating Out’ section, which includes drinking, isn’t high.
  5. Our SatNav gives us the option to avoid tolls. Almost all of the time we take that option.
  6. We don’t use much LPG but it’s cheap for what it does, we should have the heating on more!
  7. Dogs are cheap; get a dog.

Cheers, Jay

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