Spending Overview – Germany

We keep a track of all of our spending as we’re going along and here I’ve broken it down by country, so you can see what we’ve spent to give you an idea of how cheap/expensive a place can be.


Travel Cost
Ferry 0.00 €
Tolls 0.00 €
Fuel 318.19 €
Daytime parking 4.50 €
Train/bus/tram 40.70 €
Camping Nights
Wild Camping 0 0.00 €
Free Aires 10 0.00 €
Paid for Aires 13 104.00 €
ACSI Campsite 0 0.00 €
Camping Cheque Site 3 51.50 €
Other Campsite 0 0.00 €
Friends Driveways 5 0.00 €
Food (ie Supermarket) 187.50 €
Food (ie eating and drinking out) 268.50 €
LPG 0.00 €
Repairs 103.01 €
Laundry 19.60 €
Contact with home (paid wifi, phones, post) 150.14 €
Tours/Entrance fees 106.60 €
Supplies (ad-hoc non-motoring items) 56.63 €
Souviners 0.00 €
Total cost £1,410.57
Days away 31
Cost per day £45.50
Cost per day (minus repairs) £42.18
Total Mileage (@ approx 29mpg) 1755
Average miles per day 56.6
We found plenty of Aires (Stellplatz in German, although none of them were signposted like that!) in Germany. A lot of them required payment for the services, and those in the cities were priced between €15 and €19 a night. However their locations coupled with the efficient German transport made it easy to get around.
We bought day tickets for transport which were for between 2 and 5 people (and a dog for free!) at a cost of between €6 and €10. This enabled us to get into cities where the Stellplatz or parking areas were outside, and also gave us access to city centres that had an Umweltzone (emissions restrictions).
When we first arrived we knew we’d be in the country for a while so we bought a 3G Dongle for our laptop, for more details please click here.
We mainly shopped in Lidl and Aldi, and at one point went 10 days without visiting a supermarket to try to reduce the stocks in our cupboards. Neither Lidl, Aldi or Netto accepted my Visa or Mastercards, so we had to ensure we had enough cash on us when shopping.

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