Spending Overview – Czech Republic

We keep a track of all of our spending as we’re going along and here we’ve broken it down by country, so you can see what we’ve spent to give you an idea of how cheap/expensive a place can be.

Czech Republic

Travel Cost
Ferry 0.00 €
Tolls/Vignette 16.00 €
Fuel 78.73 €
Daytime parking 4.20 €
Train/bus/tram 8.32 €
Camping Nights
Wild Camping 2 0.00 €
Free Aires 0 0.00 €
Paid for Aires (inc toilet emptying cost) 3 27.00 €
ACSI Site 0 0.00 €
Camping Cheque Site 0 0.00 €
Campsites 2 45.92 €
Other 0 0.00 €
Food (ie Supermarket) 117.57 €
Food (ie eating and drinking out) 65.08€
LPG 15.60 €
Repairs to Dave 0.00 €
Laundry 0.00 €
Contact with home (paid wifi, phones, post) 0.00 €
Tours/Entrance fees 2.80 €
Supplies (ad-hoc items for Dave – non motoring) 0.00 €
Souvenirs 0.00 €
Total cost 375.22 €
Days away 7
Cost per day 53.60 €
Cost per day (minus repairs) 53.60 €
Total Mileage (@ approx 29mpg) 285
Average miles per day 40.7
The Czech Republic’s currency is the Czech Koruna (CZK). The costs above are based on the assumption that one Euro was worth 25 CZK while we were there.
We bought our vignette from a booth at the border and think we may have been charged wrongly for it. Research on the internet shows a week Vignette should cost 250CZK (around €10) however we were charge €16. At the time I wasn’t sure what they cost, so please ensure you do your research before going to buy one and make sure you get the right thing. As Dave is under 3.5t he is classed as a car so we should have only paid the car rate – I don’t know what we paid, unless we were just stung on the currency conversion.
Wild camping seems to be acceptable in the Czech Republic and we weren’t the only ones doing it. We shared a swimming pool car park with another van. We also paid round €9 to sleep in a car park in Cesky Krumlov with several other motorhomes.
Eating out in the Czech Republic was cheap but the main bargain was the beer. It was much cheaper to buy beer than a soft drink or wine, and it was very good branded beer! We stocked up on beers at the supermarket before we left which were around 40p a bottle, which were over a euro in other countries.

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