Spam, spam, spam, spam and spam?


Good lord! Our little blog’s been well and truly found by the spammers. We were getting about 10 spam comments a day, advertising everything from immigration lawyers for Mexicans to the Nike Air Jordon 2, neither of which we want to endorse.

It was making it hard to spot the real ones, which we treasure. So we’ve added a captcha (a little maths test which the robot spammers can’t solve). We know you guys are all at the maths genius end of the spectrum though, so will have no trouble with 8 x 4. Seriously though, sorry for the inconvenience; please keep commenting, hearing from you is really important to us.


P.S. Here’s a photo of the fishing boats a few meters from our kipping spot. Unfortunately all the boats are in port, so we missed out on the fishy things being unloaded.


  1. Enjoying reading the blog – I’m just about to set off for a life on the road myself in my Rexhall Rolls Air motorhome, and I enjoys all your “tips and tricks”!

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