Should Jay cut his hair? You decide!

Jay's current hair do!

Voting ends on Sunday night – vote now if you haven’t already!!

If you’ve been reading this blog of a while you’ll know that in late 2011 I shaved Jay’s head – it wasn’t a great look for him (especially not with his ginger beard), but it was one of those things it’s better to do when you’re not going to work every day!

When we were stuck in a hotel in Narbonne getting Dave’s clutch fixed there was the big ‘should it stay or should it go?’ vote on Jay’s weirdy beardy, thank goodness it went as people crossed the street to avoid us (although it is starting to creep back!).

Jay's current hair do!
Jay’s current hair do!

Now the big question is, should he grow his hair?

It’s already much longer than he’s used to, and while he believes he’s reached that difficult mid-length phase, I suspect he’s many more months to go yet. But once again, it’s one of those things better done when only your loving wife and pooch have to see you every day! Be sure to vote and let us know (and there are a couple of ideas below!)

Jay from The Young Ones?
Jay from The Young Ones?
Jay Gibson?
Jay Gibson?


  1. Ah, the cranial topiary dilemma…

    I’d had mine clipper-cropped for about ten years before we left. Ellie clippered it while we were in France, about three months on the road (August ’11). It hasn’t been done since. It’s now somewhere about the bottom of my collar, and if I pull the fringe down forward, it almost reaches my chin.

    Far, far, far longer than I ever had before.

    I love it. You’re right that it’s best to do when you’ve not got anything daily to get in the way, just lie back and wait for it to grow. And it will go through the “awkward stage” for MONTHS yet.

    Whether you love it or not, Ju, is up to you – but definitely take the Michael out of it constantly. It’s worked for Ellie…

    • Hi Adrian, whoa, take it easy on the tips for Micky Taking, Ju doesn’t need any more excuses! :) After shaving the lot off on a hillside in Spain, I was somewhat taken aback at just how rough my bowl-of-white looked in the mirror. Not fancying that look again, but while we’re at this mid-life-crisis mlarcky, might as well go the whole hog? Cheer! Jay

  2. The down side is it takes more water to rinse long hair if there is only Daves tank full of water. This is my problem, I voted to keep his hair, washing and rinsing my long hair uses up so much water. I would prefer to wash mine more often, but when you wild camp most of the time it is not possible.

    • Very practical Helen. I had mine cut off when we went back for an MOT and it is now much quicker to wash, however knowing the rate hair grows I suspect it won’t be a problem for a very long time! If the growing vote wins we’ll just have to keep topping up Dave’s water tank!


  3. I was one of 6 Lemmys in our local pub last Sunday (for reasons far too complex to explain here), but I had to cheat and use a wig. Oh how I wish my hair was still as long as it used to be. Get yours grown, and compliment it with the full Lemmy sideburns and ‘tash. It’s a great look – I’m thinking of doing it every weekend from now on.

    • Send us a photo! Sideburns out of the question (real ones at least), my face simply doesn’t have the follicles. A mop chop is looking on the cards, although Ju is trying to persuade me into one of the Arab barbers here, so who knows what I’d come out looking like (if, indeed, I came out at all)! Send that photo, you must have one? Jay

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