1. As a lover of a man covered in fur I am afraid facial fur like that (and especially of the ginger variety) does not get my vote… you do realise its not the same colour as the hair on your noggin? Poor Juski must have a right stubble rash from snogging you like that! xxxxx

    • Hi Bob. I’ve wanted to grow a beard for 20 years but always copped out as my corporate paymasters would have frowned on it. I’m not sure how I could make it any fuller though, I guess it just grows as it grows? Cheers, Jay

  2. hmm, there is a certain fundamentalist look about you in that picture. How about trying a trim rather than full removal first? You’ll still have something to stroke when pondering a decision then…. (I attempted a beard again recently but it went grey at the edges so the wife demanded its removal).

    • Grey’s distinguished mate! My board’s the same colour as Charlie. In retrospect, a third option of a good trim would have made sense. Committed now though, it’s beard or no beard! Hope all is spanking wonderful with you guys. Jay x

  3. Well, I’ve voted. Trying to grow a beard here in blighty to keep warm/in sympathy. Not looking up to your efforts though. Lisa said something along the lines of “bloody hell what a mess” when I showed her the picture yesterday if that helps the decision?

    • Hi Mac, I can just imagine Lisa’s reaction! :-). Vote decides if it goes or stays. It’s keeping us entertained as we sit about waiting for our slot at France’s busiest Fiat garage. Hope all’s good with you, Cheers, Jay

    • Hi, it’s Ju here. I love Jay’s beard. He wants to shave it off but I think it makes him look like a real man. Like Ewen Mcgreggor. Phwoar. Ju x

      • Ahem – I’m pretty sure they lock you up in France for pretending to be someone else!! Well spotted Anna, it was J. I’ve kept out of the beard/no beard debate, it’s up to everyone else to decide. However if they do decide no beard, I might cut it off when he’s asleep one night :)

        Ju x (yes it is me this time!!)

  4. I was looking at photos from Uni graduation last weekend, compared to now, it looks like your head has been turned upside down.

    it has to go…. :)

    • Good lord man, anything would be an improvement over what I looked like at uni. Beard is getting nervous though, currently the vote says go…

  5. Just watching Graham Norton on the iPlayer. Ewan McGregor is on. If I take out my contacts and squint, I can just about see what Julie is talking about.

    The beard looks a bit public sector to be sure, so there are still some people at ENT Ratcliffe that will welcome you like a long-lost brother.

    I vote to keep it.

    • Hi Rob! Has to be the Long Way Round version of EM chap! And that will take some significant myopia too. Aside from that, a man needs to grow a beard at least once in his life. This is my time, when noone I’m likely to meet twice can see me. Trust all’s well with you, did I hear you’re having a second nipper? Cheers, Jay

  6. You look like you should be playing Warhammer with a group of nerd-teenagers stooped over a dining table covered in small lead figures that took 1200 hours to paint.
    Shortly before moving on to become a socio-path and drinking the blood of all the inhabitants of a Care Home on the Isle of Dogs.
    Love & kisses,


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