Salt Cod (Bacalhau)




It’s all the rage over here. It’s in all the supermarkets (loads of it), so we ate out tonight to see what all the fuss was about. First pic is Coimbra by night, second one is J, Marc and Jacqui, final one is the cooked up salt cod – bacalhau as it’s known locally.

It’s codfish on the menu (we didn’t go for golden fish out of respect for our former pond dwellers) and it is…. Cod. Salty cod. We’re now back in Dave downing a litre of water between us.


  1. I have always wanted to know what it is like we saw it a lot in spain when we went to the market but it didnt smell very nice so never tried

  2. bachalao….we had this as a treat every sunday for our breakfast.i have become an expert on it.its one of the nicest tasting fish i have had.if we ever meet i will cook you my recipe.stolen from keith floyd..

  3. Enjoying reading your adventures. I know that area of spain and portugal quite well so I get little windows of recognition into where you are. Re the salt cod… did you soak it first to get rid of the salt? Hmmm I think that might be the missing cooking step x

    • Hi James, ah, that was a while back now and the memory’s getting hazy. Knowing us, I would suggest probably not! Cheers, J

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