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Fame, fame at last!

We’ve made it into the Nov 2014 edition of Saga magazine in a feature about Grey Nomads, alongside some fabulous folks wandering the world on four wheels. It was an odd experience being interviewed for an over 50’s mag when were were only 39 at the point we set off, but what the hell, it was a lot of fun! And thinking about it, we’ve both more than a touch of the grey these days (sorry Ju!).

One day we really will be full-on Grey Nomads, if we’re lucky.

The article was written by Michael Wright, who also writes for the Telegraph, and is no stranger to foreign parts himself. After moving to France he wrote a column for the Telegraph about his experience, and distilled them into a couple of very well-reviewed books (see below). He’s also a really nice guy, it was great to be interviewed by him, a real privilege.


Three other fellow travellers make up the article; you can read about the other guys here:

Maggie Mepstead –
Donna Garner –
Rick Howe –

Cheers, Jay


  1. congrats guys,
    we read, with great intrest, your writings on your trips around europe and north africa. wish we had had the drive you have but we are getting there. as we live in south-west france we are “half way” there as regards southern europe. we are presently on the west coast of portugal outside of little town called Peniche. on a campsite for a brace of days to catch up on the washing, charging-up, a meal out and to try and watch the rugby. the site is Peniche Priara and is nine euros a night. good value restaurant. bif supermarket and chinese s*** shop nearby. we are in an adria matrix 650 sk with french plates.
    happy motorhoming!
    glenys and fred.

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