Our Route 2011/2012

The map below shows our actual route during our first year on the road. Below it is a list of the overnight locations we stopped at. If you click on any of the locations (either on the map or in the list) it will take you to our first post from that location, then you can click through at the bottom to later posts – once we’d had chance to explore a little!). All posts after Cudillo in Northern Spain also include GPS co-ordinates so you can view the location through google maps, or use it to navigate there yourselves!



  1. Hi,
    Can you please tell me how I get the GPS co-ordinates for your overnighting locations from your Our Route listing. I have managed to get one set of co-orinates by clicking on a BOLD place name in your daily updates but that was all.It’s fair to say I am technically challenged! We may be off to the Netherlands for a few days over half term and have found several interesting places from your blog. Thanks! Annette

    • Hi Annette

      The GPS co-ordinates on the Our Route page will get you to the town we stopped at, but not the specific location where we stayed the night.

      To get these you need to:
      – Open the page about the place you want to stop
      – Place your mouse pointer on the link – this is sometimes the place name, but is always in a slightly different colour and sometimes in bold
      – The details for the link will appear across the bottom of your screen, the digits at the end of the link are the GPS co-ordinates for where we were
      – Right click on the link and select ‘copy link address’
      – Paste the link where you want it

      Alternatively, instead of the bottom two instructions you can do a normal click on the link and it will take you to google where it will show you a map of the place and put the co-ordinates in the search bar for you and you can copy them out of there.

      As we didn’t spend long in The Netherlands, I’ve copied the GPS co-ordinates for you below.

      Ju x

      31 Aug – Groningen – 53.23988,6.59714
      1 Sept – Den Helder – 52.96250,4.77058
      2 Sept – Naughty wild camping spot with visit from coast guards in the morning – 52.46905,4.57323
      3 – 5 Sept – Delft Campsite (www.delftsehout.nl) – 52.01753,4.37852
      6 Sept – Alblasserdam (near Kinderdijk) – 51.86137,4.65703
      7 Sept – Gorinchem (didn’t stop there, but there was an Aire by the marina) – stopped on friends driveway in Eindhoven

      1 Oct – Maastrict – 50.85730,5.71581

  2. Dear Julie and Jason,
    I trust you are both well – and what an inspiration!! We are off on our own six month trip towards Morocco in a few weeks, including taking and homeschooling our seven year old son! He is already learning so much about geography, art, budgets, language, culture, phys-ed and so much more and we haven’t even left yet!!

    We love your map with the location info and wondered what app/sofware you use to produce it? It will be perfect for him to keep a record as we go, as well as the traditional scrapbook and hand drawn postcards home.

    Thank you in advance for your help and hope our paths cross in the future.
    Much love, Lindsay (Craig and Toby)

    • Hi Lindsay

      Sounds like a fabulous trip and it’s sure to have a massive influence on your son, it’ll be with him for the rest of his life, how wonderful.

      The software we use for this blog is called WordPress. It’s installed on server space we rent from Hostgator. Once WordPress is installed, you can add ‘plug-ins’ to it, which are little bits of enhanced functionality. The maps we use are a plug-in called travelmap. It’s a bit long winded getting it set up, but it all works well once going! There are lots of other bit of mapping software which you can use on a phone or laptop without having to use a server too.

      Have a great time and we too hope our paths cross in the future! Jay

  3. Hi guys!

    My boyfriend and I have just bought ourselves a motorhome (a hymer funnily enough!) and have stumbled across your page whilst in the early stages of researching our own European adventure!
    We are planning on leaving in May this year so have so much to think about and can I just say that your printable motor home check list is fantastic!! Its given us a good idea of the things we need to buy!

    At 24, our trip seems quite daunting but looking at sites such as yours is really inspiring! Thanks! :)


    • Hi Jess

      You are in for an amazing adventure. I’m quite jealous!

      If you have any questions, just pop them on here or drop us an email and we’ll answer them as best as we can.


      Julie x

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