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Description of Item Let’s get the bad news out of the way up front – this website is in French. If you can get past that – by learning a few French words or by using a translation service like Google Translate – then you’ll find a free online database of over 16,000 Motorhome parking places across Europe and Morocco. It’s downloadable too – so avoids the big problem of getting fast, cheap internet access while on the road.
How We Use It We’ve bought an offline copy of the database (for €8) and have installed it on an iPad using the GoodReader application. Most of the time we use this offline copy to search for aires, alongside our Vicarious Books All the Aires reference books.
What Do We Love?
  • This is a huge database of parking spots, many of which are free or low cost
  • Many aires have photos and comments, so you can get a bit of a feel for the place (some comments are in English but very few)
  • It’s quite clear which locations are official aires, which are campsites and which are unofficial ‘parking’ aires
And What’s Not so Great?
  • It’s in French. I have some of the language, but still struggle sometimes
  • The site design looks like something out of the 1980’s – it could do with a serious overhaul
  • If you download an offline copy, the maps are too small, so all the ‘aire’ icons are too close together and overlap. This makes it hard to look for aires in a general geographic area
Our Summary It would be five stars, but the site design is far too old. There is no mobile application so it’s hard to access the online version with our Vodaphone Data Traveller 25MB a day smartphone limit. The site needs to get a move on and modernise or it will eventually get superseded.
Where Can I Get It? The site is available for free at We have no affiliation with them. If you want to buy the download, go to here, and scroll down for the ‘telechargement’ link.


  1. Hi I love your site!
    im trying to download this to my ipad but cant seem to manage it. i have the goodreader ap but still struggling?
    can you help?

    • Cool! We downloaded the latest version to find the offline lists now have no maps at all. The maps in the old ones were too small; I’ll be more careful what I moan about in future. Cheers, Jay x

  2. Bruno now produces an app for using this on Android phones. It’s very good, albeit that the look and feel of the info is still dated. Aires Campingcar-Infos is the App name on Google Play

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