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Description of Item As far as we can tell, Vicarious Books sell the only English language reference guides for finding free or low cost Motorhome parking and service points in Europe. We use their ‘all the aires’ books alongside the database. They’ve also published a book on campsites in Morocco, which lists each campsite, gives GPS co-ordinates and gives candid reviews on what to expect when you get there. There are no ‘aires’ as such in Morocco, so we guess that’s why it’s not called ‘All the Aires Morocco’!
How We Use It We have to admit, we didn’t buy this book. We set off for Morocco with no map of the country, although we did have an offline copy of the database which includes Morocco. After a week or two we caught up with friends in Erg Chebbi and they had this book. Once we’d seen it we realised how much effort it would have saved us by having a copy.
What Do We Love?
  • Morocco isn’t like Europe; it’s nowhere like as easy to find  camping places or to freecamp. This book makes it simple to find the campsites, and lower cost ‘guarded parking’ locations
  • The reviews were candid; most Moroccan campsites are dumps and this book tells it like it is
  • Like the other Vicarious Books guides, the reviews are candid and accurate. The map is easy to interpret
And What’s Not so Great?
  • It’s a traditional book, so has none of the advantages of an online database, such as recent feedback from campsite users, latest prices or info on new or closed campsites
  • It’s a bit out of date now – the campsite at Meknes has closed and most costs had gone up
Our Summary This book really is excellent. It also gives some generic info on getting over to Morocco, and dealing with day to day issues like shopping (our book covers these topics too!). I’ll have to drop a star, only because it is inevitably a bit out of date already.
Where Can I Get It? You can get your copy from (please note: if you use the link below to buy, we will earn a small commission). The ISBN is 0955280869 if you want to look elsewhere or buy the latest edition direct from Vicarious Books.

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