Review – Vicarious Books All the Aires France – 2nd Edition

Description of Item Vicarious Books All the Aires France provides information on non-campsite locations across France where you can service your van (empty waste and fill with water) and (in most cases) stay the night. All the locations are official ones – it’s not a wild camping database. Also, it only lists places with a service point – so car parks are not included. The book gives prices, GPS co-ordinates, photos, titbits of info about the local area and details about the service point itself. There’s also a general section about using the service points themselves; which is really handy if you’ve never used aires before.
How We Use It We are currently on the road in France at the moment. We travel most days, and stay on aires or free camp whenever possible. We use this book in conjunction with the database to track down places to stay.
What Do We Love?
  • The book helps us find free places to stay, which saved us the purchase price in a single night compared with a campsite. By now it’s saved us a small fortune
  • The regional maps are easy to read and it’s quick to pick out which aires are close to the places we want to visit
  • Overall, it’s really easy to navigate around and is physically a good size to store in the van and handle
  • It’s a book, so needs no batteries, charging up or internet access! 
And What’s Not so Great?
  • It’s a traditional book, so has none of the advantages of an online database, such as recent feedback from aire users, latest prices or info on new or closed aires
  • It’s a bit out of date now – we’ve come across a few closed aires and increased costs
  • It doesn’t include car parks which don’t have service points, or campsites which offer the use of their service points without an overnight stay
Our Summary It would be a five star bit of kit, but for the fact it’s getting a out of date now so drops a star.
Where Can I Get It? You can get your copy from (please note: if you use the link below to buy, we will earn a small commission). The ISBN is 0955280826 if you want to look elsewhere, or you can buy the latest edition direct from Vicarious Books.

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  1. We just thought we’d let you know that we’re now technically on the 5th edition of All the Aires France which has been split into North and South volumes. This latest edition was published in January 2015 and is available from Thanks for the plug, but maybe we can regain that fifth star with the latest updated edition!

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