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Description of Item The TomTom Go 730 is a sat nav system, with a large touchscreen and lane guidance.

How We Use It We have used our TomTom to drive around 7000 miles throughout France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco, so far. We use it for every trip, punching in the GPS co-ordinates of our destination each night or morning. We also use it to find petrol stations and supermarkets.
What Do We Love?
  • The lane guidance is a fantastic feature when you’re driving around unfamiliar motorways, towns and cities
  • It calculates routes quickly, including recalculating them when we’ve accidentally or deliberately ignored it
  • It gets a satellite fix pretty quickly, including after coming out of a tunnel
  • The ‘avoid toll road’ feature saves us a fortune
  • The large screen gives lots of detail – it’s easy to see the big old ‘go this way’ green line when negotiating complicated junctions
  • The voice can be turned up nice and loud, which is great for our noisy old van
And What’s Not so Great?
  • It has no idea we’re in a motorhome; there’s no option to tell it what width we are for example. I’ve managed to get myself stuck on a snowy back road in Wales, on a steep cobbled wet narrow street in Portugal and have narrowly squeezed through some tiny roads in Spanish towns and villages. We’ve learned to apply common sense and to track routes with a decent map as well as using the TomTom
  • Map updates are, in my opinion, expensive. The European map we have must now be 4 or more years old. Some new roads don’t exist on the TomTom maps, but it’s easy to spot them on maps or actually when driving, it’s not been worth the cost to update
  • The TomTom Morocco maps weren’t great, although to be fair TomTom’s website does state they’re incomplete
  • The battery only lasts a few minutes now, we always have it plugged into the 12V socket when driving
Our Summary Despite it’s drawbacks, we use our TomTom Go 730 every time we drive. We trust it, although we have learned to apply common sense and to back-up our route finding with a decent paper map. We give it 4 out of 5, it is a great piece of equipment.

2017 Update: When we reached Greece we discovered that our Tom Tom Go 730 only contained Western Europe maps, so we had to navigate around Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine with paper maps! To get a full Europe map we would need to update the current maps, which cost about as much as a new satnav. So we bought a TomTom Start 25 with full Europe maps and lifetime map updates. It’s been going great and we’ve added loads of points of interest to it, including our own. We’ve updated the maps a few times but the Tom Tom interface is a bit rubbish so only do it when we have really good wifi.

Where Can I Get It? We bought ours from Halfords as we had some gift vouchers, but you can also buy the TomTom Go 730s or Tom Tom Start 25 from (please note: if you use these links to buy, we will earn a small commission).

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  1. I agree with everything said. We have used a GO 730 since 2008 in cars and a motorhome. There are a few very old junctions in London which it does not recognise or thinks are roundabouts, which is daft for any GPS. The cost of updating maps is so high now, we will eventually replace ours with a free map and traffic update version, as these can be bought for the cost of 2 annual updates.
    Our motorway toll avoidance button is missing. Following all the steps on the manual makes no difference as ‘change preferences’ does not offer this. It took us several years before we needed to find this, so we advise customers to spend time reading the manual and ensuring every feature is in your GPS, as ours is way outside its guarantee period.

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