Review – The Camping Cookbook – Love Food

Description of Item The Camping Cookbook gives you recipes that can be cooked on
either a basic stove, BBQ or campfire.The ingredients are simple and straightforward (and easy to get hold of when travelling), and gives you ideas for breakfast, main meal, side dishes and deserts. It also provides advice on general camping, tent pitching etc, and provides a good list of kitchen utensils that you’ll need for a basic kitchen (in a motorhome or tent!).
How We Use It We use this book as inspiration for different meals as we often get stuck in a cooking rut while travelling. They are really easy to follow and simply to cook. We’ve also adapted the recipes to use ingredients we had in the van at the time, it’s all tasted fantastic. There are also several vegetarian recipes included. On cold wet days the Rice Pudding is a winner (much cheaper than buying a can of it) and the Raisin Biscuit Cake is dangerously tasty.
What Do We Love?
  • All of the recipes can be cooked on the gas hobs in our van or on the BBQ (except maybe the jacket spuds as we’d run out of gas!), none of them need an oven!
  • The book has obviously been written by someone who has been camping – they use simple, easy to find ingredients
  • The suggested list of kitchen utensils is a good starter for packing the van, and the don’t forget list
  • The yummy desert section! 
And What’s Not so Great?
  • Sections that are dedicated to camping – tent pitching, what to do on rainy days etc – not quite so relevant to motorhoming
  • Some recipes are very basic – bacon sarnies, garlic mash – and you probably already know how to make them
Our Summary Despite the extra camping info, I’d still give it five stars.
Where Can I Get It? The cover price is £9.99. You can get your copy from (please note: if you use the link below to buy, we will earn a small commission). The ISBN is 9781407562506 if you want to look elsewhere.