Review – Roadpro 12V Slow Cooker

Description of It This is a small slow cooker, which runs off a motorhome (car/van/lorry/caravan) 12V supply. The glass lid can be held in place while using an elastic safety strap which comes with it.
How We Use It The slow cooker sits in our van sink while we travel, and is connected into a 12V socket above the sink. We have tried filling it with raw cut vegetables and water, but have found they don’t cook, even after eight hours. We were about to sell it when we read we’d over-filled it. We tried again, with it about half full of liquid and meat. It cooked it up a treat and we’re definitely hanging onto it now. We tend to use it while driving to minimise load on the leisure battery, but we don’t drive for eight hours at a time and it’s not flattened the battery yet.

2017 Update – The slow cooker never really worked out for us, so when we were in Tunisia it was sold on a market for us by one of our motorhome neighbours! When we bought our new motorhome it came with a Remoska which is great for when we have hook-up (it’s like a little portable oven) and we also bought a double skillet for day to day cooking on the hob.

What Do We Love?
  • On a long drive, we can load it up in the morning and have tender meat ready for us in the evening
  • The lid is really well secured with the elastic strap – we’ve had no spills yet
And What’s Not so Great?
  • It’s not very big – OK for the two of us but not family-sized
  • Don’t fill it to the top and expect it to cook it all – half full of liquid is the most we’ve had from it
Our Summary We’ve not used it all that much, and due to our early failure to actually cook anything we can’t go above 3 stars. The cooker does work though, and feels well made.
Where Can I Get It?


  1. Hi.
    It seems very unfair to me to cut down the score you give an item because you didn’t know how to use it properly when you first tried it.

    I had a mains slow cooker years ago, and the instructions clearly stated it should only be filled to half full.

    I have no vested interest in this cooker, apart from thinking about buying one for my narrowboat.

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