Review – LED Strip Lights and Controller

Description of Item We’ve fitted a strip of almost 2 meters of 12V LED lights into our motorhome, which are turned on and off, or dimmed, using a remote control located next to the bed. The lights give off a warm white colour. The lights are on a strip with a self-adhesive backing. The controller unit is fitted into a cupboard near the door, and is connected into a 12V lighting circuit.
How We Use It When we bought our motorhome all the lights were incandescent, which means they’re really inefficient compared with LED lights. As we planned to stay off electrical hook-up as much as possible, and we knew we’d be travelled over winter months, we decided to fit LED lights. We bought a 2m strip of lights and the controller from Amazon, and located the lights under a set of cupboards which are over our table area. The lights are easily bright enough to allow us both to read comfortably, if we both sit on the same side of the van as the lights. A second strip would be needed on the other side if we wanted to read over there too (but Charlie our dog has that bench, so no LED lights needed for him!). As the controller has a remote control unit, you can put it anywhere in the van. Ours is on a hook near the bed, so we can easily turn the lights on if we need to get up at night.
What Do We Love?
  • The lights are bright and give off a comfortable warm white light
  • They use next to no power. I’ve never measured the current draw, but the needle on the power meter on the van doesn’t move when they’re switched on
  • The remote control is really useful as we can put it anywhere
  • We can dim the lights when watching a film on the laptop for atmospheric affect
  • They’re really easy to fit and you can just trim them to length with scissors
  • LED lights don’t fail anything like as often as incandescent ones – ours will hopefully easily last the life of the van
And What’s Not so Great?
  • The adhesive isn’t like super glue, which means you can reposition the lights during fitting. However, we have found it has come loose a couple of times in two places – we just push it back on
  • Having two controllers might be better – one for either door
Our Summary If your motorhome doesn’t already have LED lights fitted, and you want an inexpensive way to add them, you can’t beat this strip and controller. Five stars from us, we’re really pleased with them.
Where Can I Get It? We bought the lights and controller from
Please note: if you use the link below to buy, it won’t cost you any more than buying direct from the site, however the site will kindly pay us some money for referring you.

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