Review – Kindle WiFi

Description of Item The Kindle we have is a black and white ebook reader.
How We Use It We use it almost exclusively for reading fiction books.
What Do We Love?
  • Space in the van is at a premium. Books take up huge amounts of room and weight quite a bit. The Kindle takes up next to no room and weights very little
  • Getting hold of English paper books outside the UK is hard work. Downloading an English book to the Kindle is far easier, although you do need to find some WiFi (we’ve not got the 3G model). We use Connectify on our laptop to create a WiFi hotspot, letting us share our 3G dongle connection with the Kindle
And What’s Not so Great?
  • Lots of motorhome books, like the Vicarious Books All the Aires Guides, are not available on Kindle
  • You have to charge it up of course, although the battery lasts a long time. We charge it on a 300W inverter attached to our leisure battery
  • The keyboard’s fiddly to use
  • You can can get email on it, but can’t browse the Internet on it
Our Summary We’ve lots of time to broaden our reading, and the Kindle provides a way to do it with the minimum of fuss and space requirements. The screen’s great and can be read in bright sunlight (unlike an iPad). The battery lasts an age. We’ve dropped a star as some books we’d want on it are not available, plus our model is black and white only – no inspirational photos on it (newer Kindle models are colour)
Where Can I Get It? We were lucky enough to be given a Kindle as a leaving present by work colleagues. You can get yours from (please note: if you use the link below to buy, we will earn a small commission).

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