Review – HTC Desire Smartphone

Description of Item This is a smartphone designed by HTC. It provides a range of features including: full Internet browsing via WiFi or 3G cellular data networks, a mobile phone, a camera with flash and video recording capability, the abilty to find where you are using the built-in GPS and Google Maps, plus whatever applications you choose to install on it. The phone runs the Android operating system, and allows you to expand its storage using a micro SD card.
How We Use It This phone gets an awful lot of use. We carry it every day and use it mainly for taking photos and video, and for Internet applications – updating this WordPress website, grabbing email, searching the web for places to stay or information on where we are, using the built-in GPS to suss out where we are when we’re lost and translating sentences, mainly for garage owners!
What Do We Love?
  • As it is a phone, we can use a Vodafone SIM, and their low-cost Vodafone Data Traveller mobile bolt-on to get access to the Internet (25MB a day for £10.50 a month, plus the cost of the SIM contract). We’ve found that unless we’re sat in the bottom of a remote and deep canyon, we can get on the Internet
  • We’ve had the phone for over 2 years and the battery still lasts very well. We can charge it using a 12V charger, or using the 230V charger on our 300W inverter
  • It’s small enough for us to carry it around, so we have Internet access everywhere
And What’s Not so Great?
  • We’ve managed to fill the phone memory with applications and have had to remove our French dictionary from it
  • We couldn’t get it to talk to our BlueTooth keyboard, but have found that the Swiftkey Keyboard Application on it makes typing a much more pleasant experience
Our Summary If you want to stay connected everywhere you are, a smartphone is a really great way to do it. Our HTC Desire has proved itself to be a great tool. If it breaks, we’ll buy a new one.
Where Can I Get It? You can get a SIM free one on, and then buy a Vodafone SIM. Alternatively you could get the phone from Vodafone directly, and just add the Data Traveller bolt on afterwards. Please note: if you use the link below to buy it won’t cost you any more than buying direct from the site, however the site will kindly pay us some money for referring you.

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